Clever space solutions: Attic Turned Artist Studio


The artist’s studio!

Your place to be creative, spread your wings and …make a mess! How exciting! Freedom to paint up a storm and dream bigger dreams! You need space and some breathing room to do just that!

But…this space needed to be carved out of empty and unused space first! Here are the two pics of before:


the-artist-s-studio_before1  the-artist-s-studio_before2

Then After


My husband and I created this space for me to be able to spread out and paint and design and lay out my projects in our former home. I cleaned it up a bit…it’s usually got stuff laid out all ’round.

I love the 150-year-old tobacco barn wood beams! We also installed two skylights – facing north – so I could optimize all that fantastic light to paint by.


It’s the perfect spot to showcase, photograph and ready my work for shipping. Above: A new track light illuminates an Omega Abstract to test how the colors  show on a white wall.


My Art Studio also contains flat files on either side of the fireplace, these contains literally hundreds of designs from throughout the years.  A lay out table and ‘mood board’ and my built-in bookcase filled with reference materials to spark creativity and design direction…and a vaulted ceiling gives the space room to breathe! Doesn’t my floor look clean?! This never happens…I just wanted you to see all that wood! And yes, I did kill the plants on either side of the fireplace…I had a brown thumb back then…I’ve since ‘turned over a new leaf’!