Three Fool-Proof Tips For Picking Your Perfect Tile

Hi sweet friends! In case you haven’t heard, we’re working on a substantial Historic restoration project… and it’s *kind of* a big deal 😉 ALL the decisions we have to make, the number of pretty things we stare at daily, the drawings and plans, picking out colors…Did I mention ALL the decisions?! We want to bring you along on the journey of how we made our choices! We’re excited to share some tips and show you some tile trends that we love!

Our primary focus for this post is on the tile for the Kitchen, which means none other than searching for the PERFECT backsplash tile for this historic House. We’ve made quite a few trips to visit our friends at Garden State Tile recently, and the level of pretty is making it very hard to decide! So, that got us thinking about our process and how we go about picking out just the correct tile for the space. With so many things to consider, including but not limited to color, shape, style, size, and material, it’s no wonder it is so hard to land on THE one. Well, you’re in luck. We can help with that!

Let’s dive right in, shall we? Don’t be afraid… come on in, friends! The water’s fine 😉

Tips for Picking Your Perfect Tile - One Coast Design
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Define Your Vision

First, and most importantly, you need some semblance of a vision. And by that, I mean, what do YOU like? What is your goal for your space? Is the overall look you are trying to achieve right up your alley? A clear vision of how things will fit together is of the utmost importance.

You’re not going to put a rustic brick backsplash in a modern house, just as you aren’t going to drop anything too modern into a farmhouse. So, grab a coffee and start that all-important Pinterest board to get your creative juices flowing (at least to give me, your designer, a nice sampling of your taste), and then we’ll curate it down to the most cohesive options for your space from there!

Picking the perfect tile - local products
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Time to Go Shopping

Now that you know your color scheme and design style, it’s time to start shopping for tile in person! I highly recommend visiting local tile stores to see the products in person. It is SO different in person than in pictures! And I can almost guarantee you that you will not end up with what you planned on your perfectly curated Pinterest board. Just breathe! Being able to touch and handle the tile and ask the experts about durability, care, grout options, etc., will help ensure that you are not only picking the best tile for your space and your lifestyle! (No one wants the surprise of selecting a material that’s super hard to clean and finding out AFTER the installation, am I right?!)

How to choose your kitchen tile
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Make Your Final Decision

We understand that budget is a significant factor in your decision. Be sure to lay it all out when working with a design professional. Take your mood board and ideas with you! Share your hopes and dreams! Be sure to have accurate measurements, so you’ll know just how much you need, and be VERY honest and upfront about your budget. That way, you aren’t disappointed when you fall in love with a tile and find out it is way out of your price range. This will give them all the info they need to lead you through the showroom and help you pick the best options! Remember to be open-minded and embrace all the possibilities. You might surprise yourself with your choice!

Picking tile and backsplash tips
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At The Coburn Hutchinson House

Here at The Coburn Hutchinson House, we are focused on creating a kitchen that feels fresh and clean but still true to the history of the house…no mid-century modern here! We love all the square tiles, crackled subway tile, and are absolutely dying over an organic edge! Nothing too crisp and perfect for this Kitchen. It must look appropriate to the space and feel of the entire House! We can’t wait to show you what we land on!!!!! Be sure to Follow all the progress on Instagram (@coburn_hutchinson_house AND @onecoastdesign)!!!

Update: You can learn more about our historic kitchen renovation by reading our blog about the renovation and our interview with Garden State Tile!

Chat soon, sweet friends!