Romantic Parisian Bedroom

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Romantic Parisian Sanctuary

Why should you stress over travel restrictions and canceled flights? Create this Parisian sanctuary in your own home, and take a trip to the City of Lights every night! You know you want to!

In this romantic Parisian bedroom, we curated an Old World meets Coastal design that exudes feminine elegance and romance. The classic lines of the cane bed provide a traditional framework for the bedscape, while the washed linen finish keeps it from feeling too formal and lending itself to the coastal influence of the surrounding area.

To overcome the low ceilings and lack of natural light in this room, we opted to paint both the walls and the ceiling in the same Boothbay Gray paint color from Benjamin Moore (HC-165), hang tall mirrors behind the nightstands, and increase the height and width of the draperies and rods.

All of these elements create the illusion of more light, space, and height in the room.

We also pulled wiring in the ceiling (where there wasn’t any prior!) to install a stunning frosted crystal flush mount that feels like an opulent chandelier to add a touch of sparkle to the space.  Lying in this beautiful bed and looking up at that gorgeous light on the lowest setting (dimmers are a must-have for us!) would be divine. Speaking of dimmers, we always add them to our specification list, making sure that every light fixture has one. You wouldn’t believe the difference that lighting at various heights and settings makes! No more ghastly bright overhead lighting that doesn’t do anyone any favors. 😉

Bringing in abstract wall art with touches of the blues adds a soft, ethereal effect to this sleeping space.

romantic parisian bedroom bed - Interior Design CharlestonThe varied neutral tones with touches of those same blues found in this beautiful and versatile area rug blend both form and function, with a vintage motif that has been applied to a durable material for a maintenance-free lifestyle perfect for those with children and pets.

The size of this room prohibited the addition of a traditional dresser or chest of drawers, so the large three-drawer nightstands perform double duty for extra storage while bringing warmth and texture to the space. Who doesn’t love more storage?! We love to incorporate built-in cabinetry for closed storage whenever possible, along with making thoughtful choices for furniture pieces that serve a dual function for not only storage but also a key foundational piece in a beautifully appointed space you’ll never want to leave.

Introducing a pair of soft white rounded glass table lamps with Lucite bases flanking the bed juxtaposes the hard lines of the nightstands and provides just the right amount of contrast. We love the fresh, clean pop they make! Another user experience element to consider is the height the lampshade. When lying in bed and reading a book, you don’t want a “raw bulb” (aka not having the shade run interference) in your eyes. So make sure your lamps are not too tall on the nightstands, or at least confirm that the bulb is high enough up under the shade for your reading pleasure!

Last but not least, the absolutely gorgeous blue-gray button-tufted settee mimics the classic lines of the bed and ties in with the color of the lumbar and Euro pillows. It’s the perfect place to lay out your outfit or put on your slippers after a long day at work…even if it was just down the hall in your beautiful home office! 😉

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