Rightsizing Into a Smaller Space

Rightsizing: Moving to a smaller (better) space

Rightsizing into smaller spaces
Bigger isn’t necessarily better (where have I heard that before?)

The road from a larger home to ‘downsizing’…

Otherwise known as ‘upsizing’…or *gasp* ‘Rightsizing’…what?!

When my husband and I decided to relocate to metro Charleston from our very large home in coastal North Carolina, I was so excited.

We always loved coming to Charleston for a getaway! The food, the amazing history, and the general vibe were right on time for our personalities. I always said, ‘This is the one place you won’t have to drag me kicking and screaming if an opportunity arose that we could move here.’

We looked at homes all around the area, and while so many were lovely, we decided we would love something a little out of the fray and congestion of downtown but within striking distance of all the goodness Charleston had to offer.

We looked, and we looked, but nothing was calling our name.

Until finally, we went to go and look at a run-down historic house right off Hutchinson Square in historic downtown Summerville.

It was, and I’m being kind, a mess.

But walking through it one time and my husband and I having no commentary about it on the way back to our hotel, we both looked at each other and said, ‘Oh brother…whattah mess, but we could do a lot with that thing, it has good bones…and the location would be perfect for both of our work.’ We hung our heads and knew in our hearts that we would be making an offer.

Our conversation: ‘But it’s SO much smaller than our house in NC, which we have gotten very used to. All of our things will not fit in the house, not by a long shot.

Well, what about this?

We could mentally jump forward 10+ years and rightsize ‘now’ to live a life like ‘semi-retired’ people at our ‘young’ (the early 50s) age and focus on our interests, renovating, travel, friends, and family! Rethink all our ‘stuff’ and ‘cull the herd.’ Bring only your best items, favorites, and collections, eliminate all the excess, and lighten the load. It’ll feel…miraculous! I can’t believe we are doing this. *gulp*’

Now, we could do what I’ve been doing for my retiree clients! We could curate the perfect spaces for what we love, and they wouldn’t have to be huge.

They could be more thoughtful and, quite frankly, richer and better!

Fewer things—better things!

Think ‘Jewelbox’ spaces that reflect your taste taking some new chances to reinvent all your goodies! Curating with the idea of ‘sparking joy’ at every turn was our mission!

We were ready!

Rightsizing example

I've learned that you must leave a place that you have lived in and loved and where all your yesteryears are buried deep. Leave it any way...except a slow way. Leave it the fastest way you can. Never turn back and never believe that an hour you remember is a better hour because it is dead. Past years seem safe ones, vanquished ones, while the future lives in a cloud formidable from a distance. The cloud clears as you enter it. I have learned this, but like everyone, I learned it late

Beryl Markham

Coastal Design

Working with new clients, I invite them to a conversation around finding their version of coastal! We’ll explore favorite colorways, new ways of combining them, and unique expressions of personal style. We’ll expose the ethos of your spaces and your life, which you didn’t even recognize were there!

And for the record: Coastal design isn’t about seashells and sailboats.

It’s a personalized interpretation of comfortable and relaxed seaside living, adapted to your tastes and experiences.

Coastlines span the globe; each one is a little different depending on its location! For you, it might mean infusing the soft hues of a sunset over the water or perhaps integrating the weathered textures of driftwood. Port cities of the world are melting pots of history, cultural influences, furnishings, and colors based on the many ships that have docked here with their imported goods.

Together, we’ll capture the tranquility and elegance of coastal living redefined through a new lens.

I have been told I’m a lifestyle coach, therapist, true artist, and interior designer all rolled into one! I receive that as a huge compliment!

I love to help clients design their perfect, whether starting from scratch or putting a twist on a room that needs to be utilized to expand the home’s footprint, creating spaces by ‘finding square footage’ in unique spots!

Navigating the downsizing, let’s call it ‘rightsizing,’ process can be daunting, but it’s also an opportunity for liberation.

Consider practical strategies:

  • Prioritize versatile furniture.
  • Embrace multi-functional spaces.
  • Leverage storage solutions that are both stylish and efficient


Rightsizing example

Rightsizing and Simply Without Sacrifice 

Our goal when rightsizing is to empower you with the tools to simplify without sacrifice. When I start with a client relocating here, we make lists, one of which is ‘what will not make the move’.

When purchasing a new home or getting the most out of the one you’ve purchased, the idea of rightsizing isn’t merely about reducing square footage; it’s a transformative journey toward curated simplicity and refined comfort…living in your perfect spaces.

Many clients embark on this path seeking a more manageable and elegant lifestyle while preserving the essence of their past adventures and cherished belongings…I call it a new adventure!

Imagine this: you’ve traveled the world, collecting treasures and memories along the way. Now, as you embark on the next chapter, your home becomes a canvas to weave these stories into a cohesive narrative.

Our interior design approach celebrates these pieces and their history with you—reupholstering a beloved chair with fabric reminiscent of your favorite destination or integrating a handmade rug that whispers of distant shores you’ve visited feels like you are living in the painting of your life!

Storage solutions and built-ins that feel effortless, like they’ve always been there. Your space should feel like a reflection of your life’s journey—a gallery of meaningful treasures.

We understand the sentiment behind each piece, from the antique dresser passed down through generations to the vibrant tapestry collected during a cross-country road trip.

Our mission is to seamlessly weave these treasures into your new home, a home that integrates all of the pieces that make life cozy and relaxing…creating a narrative that speaks sweetly to your soul.

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I look forward to helping you with your design dreams!

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