Outdoor Fall Decor at the Coburn Hutchinson House Veranda


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Outdoor Fall Decor at the Coburn Hutchinson House Veranda isn’t all pumpkins and hay bales, but it sure is a cozy spot for a hot toddy and some time with friends! I’m thrilled to share with Y’all our outdoor Fall decor favorites! 


Outdoor Furniture for Fall 


Our outdoor furniture isn’t just for Fall! It’s neutral enough to pass through the seasons with all your decor updates! Our sweet chairs and love-seat are from the Hampton collection at Brown Jordan.  This durable classic was a no brainer when we were selecting outdoor furniture for the Coburn Hutchinson House. Y’all know I am a beige girl through and through, so the natural tones and white cushions were an instant “Yes”! 


Our occasional tables are all from Target!  I have slowly collected them. Every time I see a cute but sturdy metal frame with a marble top, it goes home with me! My most recent find is shared in the mood board above! Did I mention these tables are sturdy? Seriously y’all…not event Charlie can accidentally knock these over! 


Fall Decor Accessories 


No space is complete without some accessories! Our veranda seating is adorned with throws and pillows for that comfy vibe.  I have shared this year’s acquisitions and additions to the cozy collection! I love the rust-colored throw pillow and that blanket makes me want to curl up! 


If you have been keeping up with me for a while, you know I love a natural woven rug! This thick jute runner is perfect for indoor/outdoor use.  It elevates the style outside and makes the Veranda feel a little more special than just a porch. 


More Outdoor Fall Decor


Since we live in the beautiful Low Country, Summer sticks around a little longer than most places. Which means, so does the state bird (the mosquito).  To keep our Veranda bloodsucker-free, we have potted marigolds and these lovely lanterns with citronella candles! Keep your blood type to yourself, in style! 

Once again, I can’t claim that the pots for our plants are just for Fall, but I still love sharing my favorites with my sweet friends! Our Marigolds and snapdragons live in these simple but stylish planters. Our super realistic trees beside the door live in these sturdy, timeless pots…I ‘might’ be adding some lights to them here in a month or so! 😉