Our Interior Design Commitment

Moving to a new area is exciting... and a little daunting!
...Or Maybe you're already here!

Feeling overwhelmed by coordinating furniture pieces with new interior design directions and worrying about the final result looking disjointed, or even clashing, is common. 

It’s a new chapter, and wasting time and effort trying different furniture combinations that don’t work well together can be frustrating. It’s a lot to take in!

At One Coast Design, we thrive on helping both new and existing homeowners in Charleston & beyond identify their unique design challenges and help them conquer them with confidence. 

We love to identify and remedy unique design hurdles in your home, and solve them, with fabulous design aplomb!

Initial Design Consultation

Our initial design consultation is the perfect way to get your project going! Think of it as our first date! It’s our opportunity to get to know each other, explore each other’s style and process, and get a head start on moving your unique design plan forward.

Embracing the ethos of timelessness:

Our interior design philosophy revolves around giving existing spaces a second chance, breathing new life into them, and opening a new chapter in their story. We believe extraordinary design transcends trends and fleeting fashions, aiming to create interiors that ‘stand the test of time.’

This commitment to timelessness drives our approach, prioritizing repurposing what you love and adding what is missing for your new life. We take cherished furniture, decor, and even architectural elements and seamlessly incorporate them into our designs, infusing spaces with a sense of history and personal connection.

In doing so, we offer these beloved items a second life, where their stories continue to evolve in harmony with the present.

The heart of our design process is the belief that sustainability is our North Star. Thus, we dedicate ourselves to creating spaces investing in quality pieces that exude timelessness and comfort for your beautiful home.

Starting from scratch? We meticulously select materials and furnishings that align with our commitment to sustainability. Well-made pieces will be with you much longer than what we call ‘fast furniture’ -minimizing waste and keeping things out of landfills by prioritizing your spaces’ quality, craftsmanship, and beauty.

Every project we undertake becomes an opportunity to craft a new life for you and your heirlooms while being responsible stewards of your investment in your home and our world. In this way, we harmonize the principles of second chances, new life, and new chapters with an unwavering dedication to a sustainable and better-made future for you and your home. -Michelle Sauter, Owner and Principal Designer, OCD

One Coast Design Commitment
Michelle Woolley Sauter | Principal Designer and Owner, One Coast Design
One Coast Design Commitment to Design
One Coast Design Commitment to Design