Market Report Spring 2023

Market Report Design Trends: We'll Take You There

Hello again, sweet friends! You know I love sharing with you the latest design trends from the world of interior design!

I love being a ‘trend-spotter’…now, we’re not trendy here at One Coast Design, but we love to incorporate the influences we see out in the world of design, especially if it makes your projects even more beautiful!

As we explore the latest design trends showcased at the High Point Market 2023, we can see a significant shift towards a warmer and more natural aesthetic in home decor.

This Spring, we witnessed an emphasis on organic materials, natural textures, and earthy tones.

As a result, the three most prominent design trends we observed at the High Point Market 2023 were the abundant use of yellow and gold in all forms and finishes, organic details on lighting and furniture, and trims and details on lighting and furniture.

The Use of Yellow: The Golden Hour

Market Report Design Trend #1: The Use of Yellow

Yellow has been an emerging trend in home decor for a while, and this year it has gained even more popularity. 

At the High Point Market Spring 2023, we saw an extensive use of yellow, ranging from light pastels to deep, saturated hues.

‘Yellow is a bright and cheerful color that brings warmth and energy to a room.’

It pairs well with earthy tones, such as browns and greens, and, of course whites, which we also saw a lot of at Market.

Yellow Spring Market Trend

If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.

- Ralf Speth

Organic Details on Lighting and Furniture

Market Report Design Trend #2: Using Organic Details

Using organic details on lighting and furniture was another prominent trend at the High Point Market 2023. We covered it HERE a while back!

Designers have been incorporating natural elements, such as flowers, bamboo, bark, branches, leaves, and wovens of all kinds, to add texture and earthiness to furniture and decor alike.

‘I feel it brings so much soul to a space to add these elements.’

Incorporating organic details creates a warm, inviting atmosphere for a cozy, coastal, ‘approachable luxury’ vibe for clients we work with…a relaxing home is beautiful.

Additionally, using natural materials brings a sense of sustainability and eco-friendliness to the space, which is becoming increasingly important to our clients and the design world.

Organic Details Examples
Trims & Fringe on Lightning and Furniture

Market Report Design Trend #3: Trims & Fringe

The third trend we observed at the High Point Market 2023 was using trims and decorative details on lighting and furniture.

At the Century showroom, we saw many fringes, tapes, and other decorative elements that added texture and interest to furniture and lighting fixtures. These details added a touch of luxury and sophistication to the space while contributing to the warm and natural vibe.

Overall, these three design trends are moving us towards a less modern, more natural, and cozy style in home decor.

Organic materials, natural textures, and earthy tones create a warm and inviting atmosphere perfect for a comfortable and relaxing home you want to entertain in.

In addition, incorporating sustainability and eco-friendliness is also becoming more prevalent in design, which we feel is excellent!

Trims and Fringe Example

Ready for your update?

Another trend you wouldn’t see at Market, but I will tell you, is the use of your family heirlooms and good furniture you already have. We adore a well-traveled vibe!

We continually recover, remake and reimagine pieces for our clients, as we are huge proponents of investing in better pieces you’ll cherish for years to come! No ‘fast furniture’ here!

If you are ready to update your home’s decor, we can help you as we consider incorporating these trends into your space for a warm and natural feel!

Happy Spring/Early Summer to you!

Until next time!

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