4 ways to make sure your artwork…is perfect for you

One Coast Design, Michelle Woolley Sauter
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It’s time to freshen your home and get everything spiffy to celebrate with friends and family…is it time for a refresh? Where should you start? Let’s chat!

4 Ways to Ensure Your Artwork Is Perfect for You!

1. The Selection

The selection of artwork for your home is truly an emotional purchase…it’s going to be with you for quite a while, hopefully, so shouldn’t you pick something you’d like to live with and love? You can match coordinating colors till the cows come home, but how about this? What about choosing and/or having artwork created for you that you LOVE because of how it makes you feel…and then you plan your colorway and decor around the art?! 🙂 Some examples for your consideration…
Custom for Century Fabric - Interior Design Charleston

2. Compliments of Natural Neutrals

Left: This lovely client loves her palatte of muted seafoam greens, dusty greys and smokey blues. Natural neutrals like whites, beiges and browns ‘ground’ this family of colors. Her fabrics were chosen around this colorway because she wants to live in these colors…they make her happy! My advice to clients is, ‘your designer is not going to live here…YOU get to’, so make it Fabulous and surround yourself with artwork, wall color, furniture and accents so that every time you look at them, you feel ‘at home’! It’s a great feeling!

3. Cousins on the Color Wheel

Custom Reflection No. 1 576x1024 1 - Interior Design Charleston3. Right: This wonderful client of mine loves his blues! Touches of greens make blues come alive as they are ‘cousins’ on the color wheel. Gorgeous spot, right?

4. Framing Is Key

Below: I also believe your framing should compliment your artwork and quality is definitely in the details.

As a master picture framer, I design and have my moulding custom milled right here in my own backyard… so my profiles are one-of-a-kind, just like the artwork I enjoy creating.  I love supporting local artisans and I love it when we can work together to create beautiful finished products for my clients! #shoplocal y’all!


Last Word!

Jeff Allen Studios One Coast Design - Interior Design CharlestonBelow: I never show anyone the ‘mess’ of my studio…it’s so unglamorous. But for some reason, people just love to see it and when I have my annual ‘Open House’ Show, everybody tries to jam in there… champagne in hand and asking a ton of questions. They want to see it all and touch everything and, quite frankly, I enjoy hospitality mixed with creativity, too! I think it’s the curiosity of  creativity that this space exudes in my home that draws everyone.

Left: I ‘sorta’ cleaned it up for you before I had this shot, I am now out in the garage sanding more wood. So many new paintings coming out in the next month! I am so excited!!!

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See you soon! 🙂