9 Kitchen Island Pendant Lights That Light up Our Lives!

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Kitchen island pendant lights are SO fun, y’all! We went down the rabbit hole searching for the perfect lighting for a client, and the options are fantastic! There is something for every size, finish, and price point. So if you are looking for radiant lighting to adorn your kitchen, look no further! I have put together nine favorites from my recent searches that are on client boards.

Things to Consider

When considering kitchen island pendant lights, it is crucial to keep a few things in mind. First, you need to know how far apart your lights will be hanging. It usually depends on the size of your island. Knowing this will help you determine the size of light that you need.

If the lights are close together, you will be best to look for taller, more slender lights not to appear too crowded. On the other hand, if there is more space (say three feet) between the lights, you can choose a broader fixture to fill up the space!

As a general guideline, kitchen island pendant lights should hang 36 inches from your island’s surface. That said, personal preference is the ultimate deciding factor.

9 of Our Favorite Kitchen Island Pendant Lights

“Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.” — Maya Angelou

1. Conical Drum Pendant

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We love the combination of the linen shade and aged brass components in this gorgeous Conical Drum Pendant. Isn’t it so breezy, sweet friends? This classic silhouette blends seamlessly with many styles!

2. Brasher Chandelier Pendant

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For those who prefer something more elegant, this gorgeous Brasher Chandelier Pendant from Hudson Valley Lighting is sure to stun! Warm, radiant rays of light beam through intricate glass panels. We are in LOVE!

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3. Headlands Bell Pendant

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If you’re hoping to incorporate more natural elements throughout your kitchen, you’ll love this Headlands Bell Pendant from Serena & Lily. The handwoven rattan texture brings an air of warmth to a light and bright kitchen style. We can’t get enough!

4. Dawn Pendant

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The textured glass shade and handsome finish of the Dawn Pendant channel a subtly stylish refinement that will surely enhance your space. We love the combination of black and brass for an oh, so sophisticated look!

5. Alborg Large Stacked Pendant

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Burnished brass, dramatic sharp angles, and classic appeal? Say no more! This Alborg Large Stacked Pendant is STUNNING. Described as a “dramatic new rendition of the classic barn light,” this pendant is the perfect transitional piece to fit various tastes and styles.

6. Aged Brass Sputnik Lantern Pendant

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A touch industrial and a touch mid-century modern, this Aged Brass Sputnik Lantern Pendant is SO on trend! The signature starburst sputnik design is displayed in a large lantern shape, creating a captivating dynamic that we adore.

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7. Metal Bell Pole Pendant

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This Metal Bell Pole Pendant is versatile, seamless, and stylish. We love this one because you can easily customize it to fit your needs. Choose between a variety of finishes such as bronze, brass, nickel, and copper to make it so you!

8. Bay Ridge Wide Aged Brass Mini Pendant

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Don’t let the simplicity of this Bay Ridge Wide Aged Brass Mini Pendant fool you. It is crafted using a complex glass-blowing technique as sophisticated as the fixture itself! Meticulous ribbing gives the glass such a subtle and unique texture.

9. Haleigh Glass Dome Rod Pendant

If you’re looking for a sleek form, modern appeal, and bright shine in your light fixture, this Haleigh Glass Dome Rod Pendant would be a perfect match! The brass rod hardware pairs well with shade options ranging from clear and opal to smoke and split glass.

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We’ll Help You Find the Perfect Kitchen Island Pendant Lights

We hope you’ve enjoyed our kitchen island pendant lighting pep-talk, but we hope you enjoy these kitchen island pendant lights even more! Better yet, we hope they inspire you to change the lighting in your home! Finally, if you’re feeling stuck and need guidance, call the design hotline and schedule a consultation. We would love to make your kitchen a dream come true!