5 Kitchen and Pantry Organization Ideas That You’ll Love

Well hello, friends. We are so excited to chat about kitchen and pantry organization ideas with you! 

Tabetha here to talk about one of my favorite times of year. You know the one I am referring to.  It is time for Spring cleaning,  and man do I have the bug this year!  I am kicking off my efforts with some kitchen and pantry organization ideas just for you!  


First things first, right?  WHY is it so important to organize your kitchen, cabinets, fridge, and/or pantry?  The way I see it when you’re dealing with food storage and prep, why not be as organized as possible?  If kitchen organization means creating a space with an easy workflow, then count me in!  Imagine this:  prepping and cooking in a space so thoughtfully laid out that it cuts down on time and makes the process…wait for it…FUN?!  That is exactly what an organized kitchen and pantry can do for you.  And if the end result is preparing and enjoying more meals at home, then I consider it a win for sure!

5 Amazing Kitchen and Pantry Organization Ideas

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Be honest.  How many junk drawers do you have in your kitchen?  How many drawers aren’t junk drawers but look like they could be?!  Do not fret, because I am also guilty of this syndrome!  There is hope, however, for us kings and queens of disorganization!  There are so many drawer organization products on the market now that it is easy to find a solution that works for you!  It is completely acceptable to start small.  Get a proper silverware/cooking tool drawer organizer.  Does that feel good to you?  Maybe a customizable drawer insert to get that junk drawer under control could be next!  Then, tackle your spice drawer.  Now, I know that many people are diehard spice rack people.  Me?  I am a spice drawer convert!  If you’re feeling frisky, you can even organize your plates with customizable dish drawer organizers.  Is your mind blown or is this feeling doable yet?!


Now, its time to clean up your countertops!  Put away all the unnecessary clutter and only leave tools and electrics that you use daily.   All the rest should find a home in a cabinet, drawer, or pantry.  If you’re not feeling better about your kitchen organization situation by this point in the process, take a break and come back to it in a day or two!

an organized utensil drawer
Plate Drawer Organizer 2 - Interior Design Charleston
Spice Organizer 1 - Interior Design Charleston

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Organizing your pantry and refrigerator is a necessary step in this process.  Now let’s all breathe a collective sigh and move on!  Why is it necessary to organize your pantry and fridge?  How often do you come across expired food in your fridge that was hanging out in a dark back corner, lost, and forgotten?  Do items in your pantry end up stale before you can eat them? By creating a system of organization that works for your lifestyle, you can cut back on food waste AND streamline your cooking process by knowing where to easily find all your ingredients!  


In your refrigerator, create an ‘Eat Me First’ bin where anything getting close to its date goes so it’s not forgotten and wasted.  Having zones in your fridge where certain products always live is also important.  This is accomplished by utilizing specific refrigerator organizers.  I adore this drink dispenser, egg crate, and storage bins in mine!  No more searching for the cream cheese for you, friends!  You’ll soon be able to navigate your fridge with your eyes closed.

Fridge Organization - Interior Design Charleston
Fridge Organizer 1 - Interior Design Charleston
Fridge Organizer 2 - Interior Design Charleston


A pantry doesn’t have to be magazine worthy.  It just has to be thoughtfully laid out for optimum use!  Do you have kids?  Creating a ‘kid section’ on a lower shelf with snacks that are acceptable for your babes to easily grab is a game changer!  Make sure to keep all your baking goods together so you are not sifting (pun intended) through your pantry goods to find what you need to bake that cake!  While you’re at it, decant your pantry goods into airtight containers!  Why, you ask?  It not only keeps your food fresh longer but allows you to see everything for easy inventory on grocery day.  Again, we aren’t completely going for beautiful, we are aiming for functional!  I utilize a combination of these and these in my pantry and love them both!

Pantry 3 - Interior Design Charleston
Pantry 2 - Interior Design Charleston

Lived In Perfection

Pinterest and social media will have you believe that to be organized, your spaces need to be photo ready.  This is simply not how the everyday person lives!  These pictures and ideas are not perfect.  They come from a home that is LIVED IN.  It is a home with kids, thus function and practicality trump aesthetic for me.  The process of organizing is not 100% fun.  It takes some time and requires making a bigger mess to get to the end result.  What I can tell you is that it is worth it!  Every evening when I wipe down the countertops, start the dishwasher and turn off the lights to head to bed I feel a certain level of pride and peace knowing that I’ve created a system that works for us.  You, friends, can also have an organized kitchen and pantry.  All it takes is a bit of motivation, some thought into how you live, and taking the first step!  

We’re always available to answer questions and help with your projects should you need us.  Give us a call on the design hotline anytime, friends!  Until then, I hope these tips give you the nudge you need to move forward with your Spring cleaning.  Wishing you organized kitchens and pantries!


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