Kids Room Ideas

Kids room ideas are so tricky sometimes, sweet friends!  In fact, I hear from clients all the time that they struggle mostly with boys room ideas.  So what do WE love when designing a kids room?  Well, just sit back and we’ll fill you in!

When upgrading to a ‘big girl’ or ‘big boy’ room, we always lean toward gender neutral bedroom ideas!  Why, you ask?  We love creating a space that can grow WITH your child instead of catering to a specific theme they will tire of and/or outgrow quickly.  When selecting kids bedroom furniture, we always gravitate to a classic bed design that can take them into their teen years, leaning toward a full or queen if space allows.  Bedding and accessories are where you get to add texture, character and color without marrying yourself to a specific theme!  We always include a mirror…even boys like to make sure they’re looking good!  Bringing in storage for all of the STUFF can present a challenge, but we love a good shelving/storage combo for this.  Styled with books, toys and even plants, a well thought out bookcase can grown with your child and easily change with their needs!  The toys will be replaced with collections one day, and the board books make way for chapter books and magazines.  Another important element to kids room furniture that is often overlooked is a great nightstand!  Yes, even kids need a nightstand…some place for that late night glass of water, or somewhere to lay the book they’re reading just before drifting off to dreamland!

Kids rooms are often the most stressed about, but turn out to be the most fun!  By simply putting a little thought and creativity into selections, you can create a fun and playful kids room that will grow with them for years to come!  

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