Our Interview With Garden State Tile About Our Historic Kitchen Renovation

Garden State Tile recently interviewed us to discuss the new kitchen and how tile played a part in our design. We’ve included that interview with Garden State Tile below for your reading pleasure!

If you’re interested in learning more, read our detailed blog about our historic kitchen renovation process!

The Coburn Hutchinson House’s Interview With Garden State Tile

Tell us a little bit about the project!

When we discovered we could relocate to Summerville from the Raleigh area, we didn’t hesitate. We already knew how beautiful Summerville was, and after familiarizing ourselves with the different enclaves, our house hunt for the perfect home for an ‘Artist in Residence’ commenced.

The house we chose is typed ‘rare’ for the area – sitting at three windows wide instead of the two-window width traditionally found in the peninsula of Charleston. However, we loved that it was downtown and struck us as a proper ‘city house.’

To give this renovation the respect it deserves, we were careful not to change the historical vibe or the original footprint—we at One Coast Design pride ourselves on being a forward-thinking design firm. We love and enjoy creating spaces that move us into the future while retaining classic elements that will not go out of style.

Ultimately, with this historic house project, our goal is to honor the past today. By blending the design palette between 1859 and today, we are creating a space that spans the generations, pays tribute to how far we have come, and shows how we can move forward.

What collection did you choose from garden state tile and why?

We chose the GSW Maritime Collection in the Clearwater color with a glossy finish. The collection is beautiful glazed ceramic subway tile with an irregular edge that, when installed with minimal grout lines, looks historically correct with the period of the house. It’s versatile and a veritable chameleon. It would be right at home in a classic or contemporary application.

Our Kitchen now has a much brighter, lighter, and airy feel… our new Garden State Tile backsplash is a wonderfully beautiful addition to the overall design!

What are some of your favorite design elements in the kitchen?

We are in love with so many elements in this kitchen redesign… how do you pick just one?! Each brings its charm, but the two elements that made the most significant impact are the lighting and, of course, the wonderful backsplash!

The kitchen is relatively small compared to today’s kitchens in a house this size, so our selections needed to be very thoughtful. Smaller kitchens receive an enormous benefit from classic, light, and bright choices while still holding to the overall feeling of the space – like the Maritime Collection!

What was the inspiration behind the design?

Azaleas fill the beautiful streets of Summerville, and the aromas of so many other southern blooms have drawn luminaries like Elizabeth Arden to winter here year after year. They have also influenced and flavored our choices. These elements have serendipitously guided us into a more romantic, lyrical, organic, naturalistic design theme. We couldn’t be happier.

And, of course, our design choices are driven by the eras the house has survived… they are classic yet approachable. The house draws you in, and everyone who drops by comments on that feature. By making thoughtful decisions that set the mood and incorporating décor crafted by local artisans and sourced from local businesses, we maintain that cozy, hospitable, and welcoming environment.

Tell us about your experience with Garden State Tile!

Everyone at Garden State Tile is friendly, knowledgeable, and easy to work with! In-store, our design consultant listened to our goals for the space, gave material suggestions, and allowed us to ask a thousand questions along the way! We landed on the best choice for our historic renovation… equal parts modern and traditional for an updated yet authentic look and feel. We couldn’t love the outcome more!

Thank you so much, sweet friends, for allowing us to share our historic kitchen renovation with you! For more from One Coast Design on what we are doing here at the House, Follow us on Instagram!

We hope you enjoyed reading through our interview with Garden State Tile! If you need help choosing YOUR tile, head to our “How to Pick Your Perfect Tile” blog!