Gorgeous Semi-Flushmount Light Fixtures

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Oh, sweet friends, you KNOW we think light fixtures are the crowning jewel of a room!  Lucky for you, we’ve pulled together a little looksie at 9 delicious Semi-Flush Mount light fixtures that will satisfy your lighting sweet tooth!  We’re not gonna lie, a designer light fixture is right up our alley.  Truth be told though, there are amazing budget friendly fixtures out there to suit the needs of everyone!  These fixtures are all below $500 and span the gamut of styles.  See, we’re treating you with something for everyone and every budget!  

So why choose a Semi-Flush Mount light fixture, you ask?  Well, it CAN simply come down to preference.  Often times, though, it boils down to your ceiling height and what lighting solution you can comfortably add without having to duck to walk under it!  Semi-Flush Mounts lights are an excellent choice for entry foyers with standard height ceilings as well as bedrooms!  They give you the best of both worlds…a more compact height, but still bringing all the style.  You know…for when you’re wanting something with a little more pizazz than a standard flush mount, but not as extravagant and opulent as a chandelier.  Do you have more questions?  Contact us HERE and we’re happy to help!

With that, we’ll leave you to peruse and enjoy, sweet friends…may your lighting future be BRIGHT (and stylish)! 

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