Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an interior designer?
Because I’m going to make you look Fabulous! In all seriousness, hiring an interior designer can seem to some like a frivolous way to spend your hard-earned dollars. In actuality, hiring a designer is just the opposite and saves you money AND time! I have experience in ‘seeing’ the finished project. I specialize in helping you make decisions that will support your end goal, so you are not making costly mistakes along the way that you’ll regret and inevitably want to fix later. Plus, I take the headache away and make the process fun. (Did you know the design process is FUN?) Home design should never be a daunting task. It should be a process that you remember fondly, one that you would repeat all over again. If I’ve done my job correctly, this is how each client should feel!

GREAT NEWS… We’re here for that! Hiring a designer doesn’t have to mean you hire someone for a full-scale project.

As a color expert, I am happy to consult with you and find the best color for your space(s)! I will educate you on light and how that affects your space, help you pick the color(s), and suggest finishes and types of paint that will best fit your life situations (i.e., kid-friendly, wipeable, etc.).

The level of client involvement will be different for every client! It will truly depend on how involved YOU want to be in the process. We have clients who love to go on our shopping expeditions to source for their home. In total contrast, other clients prefer us to choose, and after their approval, order it! We leave that decision up to you. That said, there will be decisions that you, as the homeowner, will have to make and be available for…so prepare for SOME involvement at the very least!

I define my style as New Traditional. What does that mean? Well, I love incorporating both traditional and more modern pieces into your design to create juxtaposition, texture, and visual interest. Most often, this would include family heirlooms or pieces passed down that clients love and have brought with them from wherever and cannot imagine not having incorporated into their home scheme. I love to make your current pieces stand out while defining your style in new and imaginative ways!

We offer offer our Interior design Consultation that is $485*. It’s an excellent way for us to meet you, see your space and for you to ask ALL the things and discuss everything you’d like to do and discover how we can help! After that, our design hours are available in 20-hour segments of design time or a flat fee structure.

* There is a $50 travel fee for all consultations more than 45 min from our office at 125 E. Richardson Ave. Summerville, SC.

I’m Michelle Sauter, owner and design creative behind the boutique firm One Coast Design. As a client, you are getting Me! I have a wonderfully curated group of team members that specialize in everything we’ll need to make your home the sanctuary you envision! My team and I adore working with clients one on one and bringing your design dreams to fruition. I do have a fantastic support team that you will also be interacting with from time to time. They help me coordinate meetings and logistics, but I am always very hands-on in the design process with you!

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Initial Design Consultation

Our initial design consultation is the perfect way to get your project going! Think of it as our first date! It’s our opportunity to get to know each other, explore each other’s style and process, and get a head start on moving your unique design plan forward.