These 11 Coffee Table Decor Items Are Just What You Need!

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Spruce your roost with some fresh coffee table decor! Selecting the right decor for your coffee table can completely transform the vibe of your living room. Most coffee tables are right at the center of everything, so their decor should serve both form and function. Below, Michelle compiled some of her favorite items for the ultimate coffee table styling!

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11 Coffee Table Decor Items That We Love!

The Perfect Coffee Table

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First of all, let’s start with the coffee table itself! We love this sturdy Salinas round coffee table from Williams Sonoma. The round shape and low profile provide flexibility and utility while looking fabulous, y’all! Oh, the compliments you’ll get!

Faux Shagreen Decorative Tray

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Next up, layer your coffee table decor with a gorgeous tray to contain some of your smaller items. It’s the perfect way to keep your table looking stylish, chic, nice, and neat!

Natural Agate Coasters

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These natural agate coasters will bring a touch of earthy glam to your coffee table styling with their electroplated gold edges… talk about works of art in and of themselves! Stylish cocktails coming right up!

A Deck of Cards

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A great host keeps a pack of playing cards on deck! This fashionable twin pack of cards will add character to your coffee table styling, all while showing off your fancy side.

Wine Glasses

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If you and your friends want to enjoy a bottle of champagne alongside a game of Hearts, add these lovely Lunette Wine Glasses to your shopping list! Such an elegant touch!

Coffee Mug

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We couldn’t resist sharing this “stay hot” coffee mug and its stand! For the love of coffee! You’ll need the perfect mug to fill with a delicious morning cup of joe! This one does the trick. Keep it hot, please!

Oliver Pluff Tea

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Our mug is always full of something tasty from Oliver Pluff – our favorite local tea company. That Cacao Tea is so incredibly delicious! Such an excellent signature line of teas and coffees.

Book on Fashion

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Once you have the bones of a great coffee table, fill it with some pizzazz! We love utilizing design books or even a classic coffee table book on fashion for a stackable moment!

Handmade Glass Vase

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Finish your coffee table decor styling with a lovely vase (AKA wine cork storage), and your design is complete! And probably out of space. But remember, this is a design moment, so keep it concise!

Cozy Handknit Throw

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When sprucing up your coffee table decor, you don’t want to forget your coffee table’s best friend–the seating! For example, we think this cozy throw is a perfect addition; they’ll be fighting over it. 😉

Funky Printed Pillow

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Who doesn’t love a sassy animal print pillow? This tiger print pillow cover brings glam and sophisticated character to your living room!

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