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Coastal Gigi!

You know we just had to give you our take on the Coastal Grandmother aesthetic that has been making the rounds in both style and decor, but with our own spin on it by referring to it as Coastal Gigi! You Know we’re always loving a coastal twist on Everything!

So many grandmothers we know shy away from the traditional term of ‘Grandma’ and opt for an alternate name like Mimi, Nana, or Gigi that reflects their fun and flirty personalities. So all about Fun and Flirty!

Who doesn’t love a good coastal interior?

But “coastal” means different things to different people, especially based on their background and where they’re from or where they’ve lived over time. In the Northeast, the coastal style tends to take on a more nautical theme with navy blues and whites as the primary palette, while in the South, the coastal vibe leans more beachy with seashells and sea glass tones as well as an overall sandy tone with Blue & White as the dominant motif. And the list goes on with how coastal styles differ from region to region…and we’ve got your version of Coastal that will be uniquely Yours!

In Charleston, we have a true melting pot of people, styles, and influence, but one thing we can all agree on is the absolute natural beauty of the area and how lucky we are to live here every day, which is why so many people are relocating to this area from all across the country! Being a port city also helps inform the design elements we have available to us! Imported Blue & White chinoiserie from Asia, beautiful bone china from western Europe, and silver and even traditional wood furniture in the form of antiques from England and crystal from Ireland are extremely prevalent in this particular area of the eastern seaboard. How about Italian pottery, tapestries, and paintings! So many influences – so little time!

We have numerous clients who have moved to Charleston and our bedroom community of Summerville from out of state, many of whom are wanting to start out completely fresh with all new furniture and new palettes to reflect their new relaxed lifestyle in the Lowcountry and the surrounding landscape. We work with your family heirlooms and art collections weaving them into the tapestry of your new chapter here!

We’d love to create your own personal version of the coastal that is 100% one-of-a-kind!

All Things Coastal

Here, we are not exempt from a range of coastal styles as North meets South and East meets West. Our clientele comes to us from all over, and with all of the various types of inspiration we cultivate, we like to think we speak fluent vernacular of all things coastal and know how to find the convergence of all these styles, as our name “One Coast” denotes.

With that said, we think you can never go wrong with soft blue and green tones, as well as pops of color, woven textural elements, and a subtle touch of floral since we are located in the center of what is known as “Flowertown in the Pines,” after all!

In this shoppable design board, we blended all of these coastal characteristics together with a curated selection of pieces that we see as a great representation of classic yet fresh aspects of a hip and fun “Coastal Gigi” (or Grand Millennial), and of course, we love every one of these design elements individually, too!

We’d love to help you with your design project!

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