Lighting Roundup: Chandeliers

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Let’s Light it Up with gorgeous Chandeliers!

Things are looking up, especially when it comes to lighting up our projects with a Gorgeous new chandelier! I love making a list and compiling a great roster of beautiful lighting and getting to share some of my favorite picks with you. With so many choices out there, I wanna make it so much easier for you to pick just the right one! Here are a few of the lighting choices in warm and neutral, some more modern and some more traditional, tones that we have been specifying for our clients! Just hover over one that catches your eye and click…we’ve made it easy for you to pick some of your favorites and have them delivered right to your door. I’ve made it easy peasy for you to bring in a bit of sunshine or add the sprinkles (or sparkles) on top for the perfect way to set off your unique spaces!

Lighting is so crucial to get right, especially when it’s coming from above your head.

An overhead light is verrrrrry easy to mess up by hanging too high or too low. And the ‘standard height’ you want to hang your chandelier over a table is 36″ and sometimes that is a very fluid number, it should be based on the scale of the lighting piece, so I always eyeball it to see what feels like the right height whether it’s over a dining table, kitchen island or in the main living area or in a bedroom. The right chandelier is Fabulous over a bed…talk about romantic lighting!

A  ‘not-so-secret’ pet peeve of mine is a ‘raw bulb’ that is easily seen from inside the fixture and that is not decorative. If this doesn’t bother you at all, great! Sputnik ‘chandies’, candlesticks, and wagon wheel chandeliers are types of lighting that usually display an exposed bulb…or six! The trick with these types is to install decorative bulbs that are either ‘quilted’ or ‘frosted’ so that you cannot see that raw filament…it adds an extra dose of thoughtfulness to the design, too. I find that a lot of the chandeliers that show an exposed bulb also lean a little modern, so if you would like to lean a bit more modern than traditional, this is the right style of lighting for you.

Does your chandelier flicker after you’ve installed all the bulbs?

You’ve probably got the incorrect bulbs in there. You need to use a specific type of bulb, one that works with the dimmer switch system you have. Have I mentioned how I cannot live with light fixtures that are not on a dimmer? Especially pendants over an island in the kitchen! What a great way to set the mood in the evening! Being able to adjust allll your lighting in this way gives you so many options. The only way the color palette in a room is seen is through lighting…it can change ALL your colors.

Lighting should also come into the picture at different heights.  It can come in from sconces, lamps, and under-cabinet lighting. Think of layering the lighting and also that having it come in at different heights accentuates the more naturally occurring effects of lighting in a room.…and when you have dimmers you can adjust all of these lighting sources and the options for lighting looks are endless!

I hope you love these neutral and brass family of finishes lighting choices as much as we do!

We’d love to help you with your design project!

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