8 Rooms Featuring the Blue and White Design Trend That We Love

Blue and White Design Trend Examples

We’re in the depths of design today and find ourselves dreaming about the blue and white design trend. We know… It’s not exactly new, but it’s not going anywhere anytime soon! So many modern takes on the trend make it feel fresh and exciting!

“I absolutely love how timeless the blue and white color palette is, though it does get a bad rap from some for being too ‘grandma.’ Friends, if loving blue and white equals’ grandma,’ I’m 100% embracing it. I’ll offer you butterscotch candy while pinching your cheeks, sweet friend!” – Michelle

8 Gorgeous Examples of the Blue and White Design Trend

“A certain blue enters the soul.” – Henri Matisse

1. Use Blue Accent Tile Backsplash

We prefer a neutral color palette for a kitchen design. HELLO, bright, white kitchens! Then, we like to add touches of color. One of our favorite ways to play up the “blue” in our blue and white kitchen design is through accent tile backsplash! If you’re feeling bold, we opt for a vibrant, solid color. Or, we can play it safe with a soft, muted pattern.

Modern blue and white design trend kitchen with blue backsplash
Source: Fire Clay Tile

2. Hamptons Style

Feelin’ fancy but breezy? Then you’ll probably love the Hamptons Style trend we always have our eyes on. It is the epitome of laidback luxury. A coastal blue and warm neutral color palette are perfect for this style. We combine refined natural materials and large entertainment spaces with deliciously cozy fabrics to bring this look home.

Hamptons Style Living Room from Citrine Living
Source: Citrine Living

3. Historical Rooms & The ‘Classic Chic’ Trend

There has been a recent resurgence of well-traveled or “collected” spaces in design. One of our favorite ways to continue this trend in our designs is with accessories such as vases, decorative pillows, and lighting. Think Chinoiserie décor, floral prints, and, Yes – monograms!

blue and white end table and chairs in a bedroom
Source: One Coast Design

4. Focus on Blue and White Florals

Blue and white floral prints can steer a look into grandmillenial territory, but we can also take it in other directions! It’s a great way to tie in various shades of blue to pull the whole look together. We’re not afraid to mix florals with other patterns, either.

blue and white floral featured by flower mag
Source: Flower Mag

Designer Tip: Leaning more toward the coastal grandmother aesthetic? Check out our Coastal Gigi Mood Board!


5. Pair Navy Blue With White

If you’ve been following us for a while, then you know we LOVE dramatic and moody moments. We are big fans of pairing dark paint colors, such as navy, with bright white details and brass accents. Clients love our blue and white bathroom at the Coburn Hutchinson House! Learn more about our historic house renovation on our renovations page

dark blue and white bathroom at coburn hutchinson house
Source: One Coast Design

6. Mix and Match Patterns

As we said, we are not strangers to mixing and matching patterns, fabrics, and textures. It’s one of our secret weapons when we want to add more layers to a newly designed space! When you start with a neutral base for your color palette, we can help you have a lot of fun with final touches like rugs, blankets, draperies, and pillows.

eclectic mix and match blue and white patterns
Source: Flower Mag

Designer Tip: We can’t get enough of neutral living room designs. And yes, we consider blue neutral! Read the blog for more inspo!


7. Lean into Coastal Vibes

Gone are the days of a kitschy beach house and nautical vibes. Instead, say hello, to modern coastal design! Maybe you’re feeling traditional with a twist enough to add bold blue and white stripes. You may also prefer keeping things subtle with soft watery blue hues. Regardless, we’re always excited to play around with this design trend.

blue and white modern coastal living design
Source: Life on Virginia Street

8. Brighten With Yellow

Who doesn’t love a pop of color? We LOVE the contrast of yellow in a blue and white design! Toss some mustard yellow throw pillows into your blue-and-white mix for an electrifying touch of energy! If you’re feeling incredibly bold, opt for a pair of yellow chairs to tie in the rest of the yellow. It’s a look! 

Navy blue, white, and yellow living room design by one coast design
Source: One Coast Design

Designer Tip: Check out our Modern Coastal Mood Board for more inspo!


Let Us Bring Some Blue and White to Your Home Design

How do you feel about this blue-and-white trend? We’re in love! It’s hard to go wrong with such a classic color combination. If you’re in the market for a newly designed space, reach out to schedule a design consultation.

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