12 Breath-Taking Built-In Designs That We Absolutely Adore

Built In Designs

A thoughtfully designed built-in design can transform a room, sweet friends! They are a resourceful solution for storing, maximizing space, and adding character to your home. And they add value! Maybe you want a closed-in storage space. Or you may prefer open shelving… we love a combination of these elements, too. Regardless, a custom built-in is the perfect solution!

12 Beautiful Built-In Designs That We Love!

1. Bookish Built-Ins for Your Library

Attention book lovers! We have some fabulous built-in inspiration for you. Can’t you see yourself cozying up with a great book and a hot cup of tea or coffee in this library? We LOVE the idea of a circular bookcase near the ceiling to save wall space. And that cute little window seat is the perfect book nook!

2. Make It a Moody Moment

If you’ve been keeping up with our conversation about the latest design trends, then you know we love a dark and moody moment! Amplify depth to your built-in design by integrating color throughout! We love this dark, rich green color and how it makes the shelving decor, chair, and rug pop!

3. Arches and Curved Millwork

Round edges add a soft touch to your space. That’s why we love the look of arches and curved millwork for built-ins. We love incorporating arches into a design to draw attention to the height of your walls and create the illusion of more space. Additionally, we believe that curves evoke an organic feel.

4. Maximize Your Space

We prioritize organization and functionality, all while making it beautiful! We suggest built-ins to give you more storage without cluttering your room. For example, a built-in will maximize your space whether you want to store electronics or display your favorite decorations. It also adds significant value!

Designer Tip: Incorporate more organic touches into your space! Our Out on a Limb Mood Board is a great place to start for inspiration.

5. Modernize With Symmetry

We might opt for a symmetrical built-in design to create a modern look. Even when working with an older home, you can transform more traditional elements to give them a contemporary feel. We love the contrast of the natural wood used for these two symmetrical built-ins against the light neutral wall color. They look oh-so-lovely, framing the round-edge doorway!

6. Create an Open Feel With Glass Doors

While we love open shelving for displays, we greatly appreciate a beautiful built-in featuring glass doors! In a kitchen design, we suggest glass doors for displaying your favorite china while protecting it from dust. We also love the look of these black-frame glass doors and their contrast to this bright, white living area. The brass hardware and picture lights elevate the entire look.

Designer Tip: If you love this look, browse some more neutral living room designs in our blog!

7. Stylize Your Entertainment Center

Give your family the ultimate gathering space when you stylize your living room with a dedicated entertainment center. Keep the space looking clean and elegant when you hide your cables in sneaky cabinetry. Meanwhile, bring your family’s personality to the forefront with curated decor on display around the television. We love the subtle coastal vibes in this space! Don’t you?

8. Contrast With a Two-Tone Backdrop

As a color expert, Michelle is always thinking ahead to the color palette of a finished design. When you know that some of the styling decor is lighter, consider a dark backdrop for your built-in! In this instance, we used the same paint behind the shelving we used for the rest of the walls. Then, we painted the shelving white to add contrast! This allowed for the decor to pop against the dark background.

Designer Tip: We can’t get over the blue-and-white design trend! If you’re looking for more inspiration, read our blog!

9. Shine Some Light

We love finishing a design with elegant lighting layers. Showcase your favorite photos, decor, and prized possessions as though they’re on display in an art gallery. Brass gallery lights give your built-in design an elevated, sophisticated feel. Isn’t it amazing how such a simple, subtle addition can transform a design?

10. Get Cozy With Built-In Seating

Who doesn’t love a dreamy window seat? The natural light sets the scene for a restful afternoon soaking up a little sunshine while reading the newspaper or checking emails. Soft blue hues compliment the bright, airy window to offer a tranquil atmosphere! And, of course, we love the brass elements here as well.

11. Go Bold With Floor-to-Ceiling Shelving

We can’t get enough of this floor-to-ceiling shelving built-in. And it doesn’t have to be the room’s focal point, either! Whether you need the space to store your entire book collection or simply want somewhere to display an array of decor items, you’ll find that floor-to-ceiling shelving is the way to go.

12. Incorporate Natural Elements

There’s nothing we love more than incorporating natural elements into a design. For a built-in, one easy way to do this is by leaving a natural wood finish on your shelves. We especially love the way this look adds dimension against a white backdrop. Then, add some organic touches, such as woven baskets and plants, to bring the whole look together.

Hire Us to Style Your Space With a Beautiful Built-In Design

Some of our favorite elements to tackle when helping with a design job are storage and organization. Hence our fond admiration for a beautiful built-in! After perusing some of this gorgeous inspo, are you ready to join the club? We would love to help you pursue your built-in design dreams!

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