Neutral Living Room Design Ideas

Neutral is the new black. Yes, you read that right! I feel like the word neutral gets a bad rap in the interior design world. People automatically associate it with bland, boring, or grandma-esque. Guess what, sweet friends…Neutrals are none of those things! Basing a room off of a neutral palette actually gives you more options. White does not have to mean coastal, and flax does not only belong in your Grandmother’s formal living room. 

Think of neutrals as a blank canvas. You get to make the space read however you desire! Using a neutral palette, it is now truly dependent on the style of furniture you pick and how you accessorize your space. Yes, a white slip-covered sofa can lean coastal, but a white sofa with English arms will be more traditional. If you opt for the white sofa with square boxed arms, you’ll have a instantly more modern feel. All are white but with different applications in your final design scheme. 

If I have failed to convince you that neutral is not another word for boring, but another name for versatile, then let me show you a few examples that I found this week and fell in love with!

Park & Oak

This vignette via Park & Oak Interior Design is an excellent example. By mixing leather, wood and metal, this space is masculine, cozy and inviting you in for a cocktail, game of cards or a good read!

neutral with modern touches
Grand Traditional Homes

This living room from Grand Traditional Homes is neutral, with modern touches brought in via fabric, lighting and styling.

a modern take on neutral living room
Via Things That Inspire

I love a modern design when it’s executed well, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Notice the neutral colors chosen for the furniture, drapery and woodwork. They are all combined with unique elements that give this room a fresh, classic yet modern feel.

neutral old world design
Haus Love - Sycamore Springs Colonial Project

This neutral living room designed by Haus Love is eclectic and fabulous. By mixing modern art pieces with neutral colors and oversized furniture, you are transported into a very European setting!

Neutral elements make this living room feel light and airy
Design by Lauren DeLoach

This design by Lauren DeLoach is light, bright and just right!  Traditional, rustic and oh so comfortable…just like we like it!

eclectic and neutral living room design
Via J. Cathell

Wait…there’s a blue sofa in this room!  Well yes, blue can indeed be considered neutral as well!  Adding in layers with lots of texture give this space an eclectic and well-traveled vibe!

Neutral design of relaxed and cozy living room
The Gentleman's Study at The Coburn Hutchinson House

Color is a wonderful accent to neutral furnishings! The Gentleman’s Study at The Coburn Hutchinson House is our take on cozy masculine updated neutral.  We included many touches of white, flax and wood via furniture, accessories and rugs to offset the deeper color on the walls.  When you select neutral furnishings, you can visit the wild side with a dramatic color palette pulled in with walls, pillows and artwork!

I hope I have presented a compelling case to lure you to the dark…errrr…neutral side, sweet friends!  Do NOT be afraid of creating a neutral living room design because neutral is anything but boring.  It allows you an ocean of choices for colorful decor accents and will stand the test of time!

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