Charlie’s Christmas List

Dear Santa,

I promise I’ve been a good boy this year.  Just ask my Mom and Dad.  They’ll tell ya! I mean, there was that one time when I ate that thing I wasn’t supposed to, but I’m sure your Pup Radar missed that one, right?!  Great…that’s what I thought!  Now that we have that little snafu cleared up, let’s get to the important stuff. My stocking this year needs to be epic because, well, I’m the bestest boy ever;-)  So Santa, here is my Christmas list…

For starters, let’s talk comfort!  I’m dreaming of a new bed.  Something stylish with just enough fluff to support my lounging efforts.  This one fits the bill nicely!  While I am relaxing, I DO enjoy a certain level of pampering, and I’d really like this Pawdicure set for my Mom and Dad to take care of my paws so our walks are sure to be comfortable and enjoyable!  Speaking of walks, I am digging this harness from Ruffwear.  (It’s my favorite brand.)  My current ‘superman vest’ as I call it needs an upgrade and this one is looking quite snazzy!  Of course, a pup of my stature in the community requires a matching leash!  

Now that we’ve taken care of my pampering needs, let’s get practical for a moment!  When we arrive back at home from our daily walks, I LOVE snacking on my favorite treats!  Playtime is of utmost importance, and I love a good rope toy to play tug with!  This one is super cute and is a top priority for my stocking this year!  I also enjoy chewing on a good antler, and since mine is almost spent, I’ll be needing a new one.  Thanks, and thanks again!  Now, my Mom really likes taking pictures of me.  Sometimes I cooperate, but I also see it as an opportunity for more treats!  I’ve found this super cool selfie treat clip that she can attach to her phone so I can see what she’s offering before I decide if I’m willing to pose or not.  Pretty please, Santa?  And *if* you’re feeling extra generous, I’d love a new bandana so I can be the epitome of handsome for my closeups.  It’s ruff being so photogenic!

Santa, I know it sounds like a lot, but I’m a deserving pup.  I give Mom and Dad lots of snuggles and kisses each day and try to be the best pup on the block.  I can’t wait for Christmas morning to see my surprises!  I promise to leave a cookie for you…but not a pup treat!  Thanks, Santa, and happy flying on Christmas Eve!

Oh…I almost forgot.  If it could all be delivered in this adorable stocking, I’d be over the moon.  Thanks;-)


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