Kitchen Island Pendant Lights

Kitchen Island Pendant Lights 

Kitchen island pendant lights are SO fun, y’all! I have gone down the rabbit hole searching for the perfect lighting for a client, and the options are amazing! Because there is something for every size, finish, and price point, you can’t go wrong. If you are on the hunt for the perfect lighting to adorn your beautiful kitchen, look no further! I have put together nine favorites from my recent searches that are on client boards. 

What to Consider

When considering pendant lights, it is crucial to keep a few things are in mind. First, you need to know how far apart your lights will be hanging. It usually depends on the size of your island. Knowing this will help you determine the size of light that you need. If the lights are closely placed, you will be best to look for taller, more slender lights to not appear too close together. Much the same, if there is a decent amount of space (say three feet) between the lights, you can choose a fixture with a bit more width to help fill up the space! As a general guideline, pendant lights should hang 36 inches from the surface of your kitchen island or table. The height at which you hang your light can be determined, though, by personal preference. 

Are you confused yet?

I know it can be stressful! BUT all the caveats and ways to bend the rules and guidelines to ensure a space is perfect make designing fun, new, and challenging every day! It always boils down to what YOU love, and that’s all that truly matters. 

Time to Enjoy! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed my pendant lighting pep-talk, but I hope you enjoy these lights more! Better yet, I hope they help inspire you to change out the lighting in your own home! And, if you find yourself stuck and needing guidance, click here for the Design Hotline – and I’m not kidding, y’all;-) – or follow OneCoastDesign on the LiketoKnow.It app for all the latest trends and fabulous finds that we are loving!

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