Gorgeous Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Sweet friends, I’m coming atcha today with some gorgeous bathroom decorating ideas!  I’m dreaming of a relaxing space where I can truly find my zen, and I’m bringing you a few faves to make it happen.  I hope you’re ready to drool!

Where do I start?

Where should I start?!  I DO always say ‘start with the art,’ so that seems like the logical place to begin.  

This pair of custom original paintings, titled Sea Change No. 2 and Sea Change No. 3,  is just what you need to bring some much needed zen into your bathroom.  In addition to your art, you’ll of course need a beautiful soaking tub, and this one simply fits the bill!  Fill it up with hot water, and make sure you include a few shakes of my favorite Milk & Oatmeal Bath Soak.  Hey, you could even throw in a beautiful bath bomb for good measure!  

Now it’s time to put your favorite book on this stylish bathtub caddy.  Don’t forget to light a candle or two.  I hope yours smells as lovely as this one that I’ve got going on repeat!

How about after my lush bath?

Now that you’re fully relaxed, step out of your soak onto this plush bath mat.  Make sure to grab one of the softest towels around off your tub-side stool!  Then, slide your feet into the most comfy slippers and walk over to see just how relaxed you look in the mirror.  If your lighting is as soft and beautiful as what these stunning sconces give off, then you’ll really bask in all your glory!  

Washing up has never smelled so good as it does with this new hand soap/lotion set that I’m loving.  Oh, also you’d definitely better throw your clothes into this neutral hamper to keep your oasis feeling like, well, an oasis!

Now enjoy!

Friends, I hope you have enjoyed perusing some of my newest bathroom decorating ideas and bath accessory obsessions!  Now, scurry on along, fill your tub up with bubbles (and maybe enjoy a glass of bubbly too;-)) and relax! Until next time…

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