Blue and White Trend Alert

Hi sweet friends!  I’m in the depths of design today and find myself dreaming about…wait for it…BLUE AND WHITE!  I know, I know…this isn’t a new trend, but it’s one that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

So, what’s so appealing about it?  I absolutely love how timeless the Blue and White trend is, though it does get a bad rap from some for being too ‘grandma.’  As of late, there has been a large insurgence of the Grand-milennial, and the love of blue and white falls squarely into this camp!  Well, friends, if loving blue and white equates to ‘grandma’ then I’m 100% embracing it and offering you a butterscotch while pinching your cheeks, sugar!  Blue and white decor can lean modern, coastal, or traditional depending on what accessories you include in your space.  One of my favorite ways to bring it into our designs is with accessories…vases, pillows, chinoiserie and lighting. Now, don’t get me wrong.  I am ALL ABOUT going bold with kitchen cabinets, but you have to be committed with a capital C where adding accessories allows you to change up with the seasons, week, or simply on your whims, and mixing patterns with Blue and White is a huge YES in my book.  I could sing its praises, but why don’t I just show you some eye candy and let you be the judge for yourself?! | Jenna Wallis Interior Design
Southern Living
One Coast Design
Habitually Chic

Are you drooling as much as I am, sweet friends?!  Gahhhh!!!!!  Now, before I go, tell me which camp you’re in:  100% Grandma OR Gimme all the Blue and White?  Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.  Until next time, sweet friends…

xo – Michelle

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