Farewell 2019 – Hello Built-ins!

Hellllooooooo sweet friends!  We’re wrapping up the year by gathering together ALL the inspiration for you here in our design studio…and we’re ready to share!!

What’s one thing we’re still loving?  A good built-in!  Seriously, they just never get old!

Interior Design Built in Library
Source: Sweet Shady Lane

And if you can bring light in via a window and seating…you’ve got a winner!

Interior Design Color and Depth
Source: Kate Marker Interiors

Above:  Integrating color throughout amplifies depth.

Aaaaaand antique built-in cabinets set into new construction will get your mind going…right? See below:

Interior Design Fireplace Built Ins
Source: Kate Marker Interiors

Make it look like it’s been there all along…see how engaged this piece is and how it’s been integrated?

Interior Design Custom Built Ins
Source: Magnolia Home

Here’s how you use up every bit of space ya got…doing yacht interiors trained me on the importance of utilizing every square inch and keeping it pretty!

Interior Design Small Space Built-Ins
Source: Pinterest

Well…and then there is this…wowza!

Kitchen Built-Ins Interior Design

I hope you enjoyed the eye candy, sweet friends, and we’ll see you in the next decade!  Here’s to 2020 !!!

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