Our Favorite Holiday Decor Finds

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…and that means HOLIDAY DECORATING!!! I’m Tabetha, Michelle’s assistant, and I am hijacking the blog today to share my favorite Holiday decor finds!

I absolutely LOVE everything about the holidays:  the food, the family/friends, the music and movies, the ambiance, crisp nights and fires with hot tea and yummy nibbles…and every other Christmas tradition with our kids in between!  Not gonna lie, I want my home to look festive for my family as Christmas is such a magical time for little kids, but I do not want it to look like Christmas threw up on it!  It’s a very fine line, folks, a very fine line.  At Château Cerceo, (yes that’s what we call our house:-)) we DO IT.  I’m talking multiple trees – one tree for the kids to decorate with THEIR ornaments, one family tree with all things that my husband and I made as children and ornaments that OUR children have made, and a more classy (read children are not allowed to touch) tree filled with all of my ballerina ornaments from my Dancer days pre-children.  Our family tree is honestly my favorite. I love how sentimental it is.  The mantel is a wonderful focal point in our home, so we make sure to dress it with lots of candles and greenery, in addition to our stockings in hues of red, green and white.  Oh, and who could forget the mistletoe?!

Here at The Coburn Hutchinson House, however, we like to choose decor that is timeless and a little glamorous (ok, ok, A LOT glamorous) that can carry us through the holiday season and into Winter without feeling guilty if we haven’t taken it all down by January 1.  By the way, is that even still a thing?!  My grandmother always told us that if your decorations weren’t taken down by January 1 that meant bad luck for the year. Gotta love an old superstition.  But I digress…You ready for the eye candy?  Well wait no further…whether you’re looking for red and green overload or a more timeless look, here are my favorite holiday decor finds of 2019!

Holiday Decor
LED Twinkle Tree
Holiday Decor
Frasier Fir Reed Diffuser
Cyprus Garland mantle Decor
Preserved Cyprus Garland
Holiday inspired plaid dog bed
Plaid Bed for Your Furry BFF (out of stock – see a similar selection!)
Holiday Decor
Christmas With the Rat Pack
Holiday Tree Decor
Decorative Spruce Tree – See Similar One Here!
Ribbon Holiday Decor
Plaid Ribbon
Holiday Wreath Decor
Fresh Rosemary Wreath
Holiday Decor
Sweater Ornaments
Holiday Decor
Vintage Bells
Tabletop Holiday Decor
Tabletop Frasier Fir

Feeling Holly and Jolly yet?!  We sure are! Be sure to snag these faves before they are out of stock…may your Holiday will be JOLLY and BEAUTIFUL!

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