6 Fresh Ways to Let There Be Light!

Here at the studio, we say that lighting is the jewelry of the room, yet it is often overlooked, especially when it comes to new construction. A thoughtful and well-placed light fixture can update and transform a space in minutes! There’s a reason “Lights” is the first word in the phrase “Lights, Camera, Action,” and that’s because lighting is crucial to setting the proper scene for the stage. The same goes for your home, office, or exterior! It’s all about the experience you want to have, and it’s the journey you take others on while in your spaces.

We have so much fun selecting lighting for our interior design clients, as well as for the historic restoration project at our studio, located in the Coburn Hutchinson House in downtown Summerville. Of course, style and quality are of utmost importance. While restoring this particular historic house, we needed to select fixtures that spoke to the history of the home, but were contemporary enough to make the house feel updated and fresh! Check out our before-and-after gallery on the kitchens and baths interior design page to see some of the lighting we chose for the Coburn Hutchinson House and other recent projects.

We also wanted to share a few other light fixtures that we are loving from Hudson Valley Lighting Group! Below, enjoy some of our favorite lighting design schemes that really make a statement in each space!

Ren Pendant
Washington Pendant
Brasher Chandelier
Middlebury Pendant
Glendale Pendant

*All the images above are sourced from Pinterest*

How’s that for inspiration?!  So many looks here and you see how versatile these pieces are and how they speak so sweetly to each space!

Stay tuned for more beauties from Hudson Valley Lighting and Corbett Lighting

They light up our life, y’all! Sorry, couldn’t resist!

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