13 Ways to Beautify Your Bath Right Now



Hey Sweet Friends!!! Michelle here!

What else are we going to do this time of year in between vacations, trips and relaxing?! Time for some beautiful relaxing moments…say ‘Ah’…aaaaaand then… Let’s Shop!

To start, I want to share with you how to find the perfect art piece for your space like this Seaside #5 to carry you through the selection of accompanying design details that are just SO YOU!!!! Easy Breezy is how we’re doin’ it – per usual!

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A little rustic stool and a little sparkle from a chandelier like this one are right anytime but I’m feeling a more zen vibe in design right now with cooler and more muted tones…long soaks in the tub…did someone say Clawfoot Tub?! Of course, you can set all your wonderful bath accouterments in this lovely tub caddy! Plus, a gorgeous vintage rug like this one grounds the look and gives a well-traveled look to the space! I love a pedestal sink, especially in tighter spaces – they always look so welcoming. And I definitely want to see a wonderful soap and lotion like this available right where I need it.

In design, blues are such foundational colors to pair with wonderful neutrals that give a little depth to all the beachy colors like sand, sea glass, aqua, especially all the whites! A rustic basket subtly weaves an organic moment into all the colors in our palette here seamlessly – (and bonus…its currently ON SALE). It can be a wastebasket or a pretty container cover for a tree…and speaking of having live plants in a bathroom, we loooove the idea! An orchid on a shelf or the aforementioned stool is so lovely, plus they loooove the humidity! Paired with the scent of this diffuser in the space, I’m swooning…so subtle and lovely.

When you’re ready to step out of that long soak(!), this stack of gorgeously embroidered towels beckons and this is the robe you’ll wanna reach for…it envelopes you in a soft hug that is also so super comfy you’ll wanna go lounge about and Relax in all this beauty!

Happy Bath decoring (it’s a thing!), sweet friends! Simply click on any item for details!

Peacock Alley Modern Emma Bathrobe


Seaside #5


Amber Woods Reed Diffuser by Apotheke


Cruz End Table


Brasher Chandelier


Maison Storage Bath Caddy


Capri Blue Volcano Caddy
Round Raffia Basket


Handwoven Vintage Rug


Retrospect Collection Pedestal Sink
Marshall Cast Iron Slipper Bathtub *Sourced from Design On Tap CHS*


Watercolor Live Orchid
Pearl Embroidered Organic Towels
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