12 Must-Haves for Summertime Inside Out Living

Must-haves for Summertime Inside Out Living


Hey Sweet Friends!!! Michelle here!

Can you believe we’re already in the Summertime sequence of the Year?! Time for some beautiful relaxing moments…say ‘Ah’…aaaaaand then… Let’s Shop!

To start, I want to share with you how to find the perfect art piece for your space like this ‘Sea Change II’ to carry you through the selection of accompanying design details that are just SO YOU!!!! Easy Breezy is how we’re doin’ it!

Trend Alert!

Textures and bold graphics are right for Summer but I’m feeling a more zen vibe in design right now with cooler and more muted tones…cocktails on the lanai and…did someone say smoke barware (Out of Stock)?! Set your drink right on this coffee table with a stone top – no rings, y’all! Have a seat on this Fabulous Sofa and lean back into these plush pillows! The mineral dot pillow is so soft to the touch and the shimmery like the Chevron Hilo Amber pillow…when you turn on your tri-pod lamp to see that soft sheen, you’ll see what I’m talking about…GORG.

In design, Charcoal is one of those wonderful neutrals that give a little depth to all the beachy colors like sand, sea glass, aqua, all the whites – I see you white Emissary ceramic stool…and these wood tones on this gorgeous sofa, such an organic moment. Now, throw this blanket across the arm in case you feel a chill later on these nights when the temperature drops a bit…give it a go, you’ll be surprised as to how you’re getting a bit more oomph in your room! And the crosshatch design in the Arno Fumo pillow subtly weaves all the colors in our palette here seamlessly together.

So grab a glass because while we’re checking out all the goodies, we’ll be sharing this delicious monthly box from Bombay & Cedar…I knew you’d looooove it! And all the pics you see below are clickable for a closer look!

Happy Summertime, sweet friends! Simply click on any item for details!


Newly Chair - Interior Design
Sea Change #2
One Coast Design
Bombay & Cedar
Bombay & Cedar
White Stool Burke Decor - Interior Design
Burke Decor
Kathy Kuo Home Sofa
Kathy Kuo Home


Polka Dot Plus Mineral Pillow
Fig Linens and Home
Burke Decor
Villeroy & Boch Glasses - Interior Decor
Villeroy & Boch
Kathy Kuo Home
Coffee Table with Stone Top
Fig Linens and Home


Amber Pillow Interior Design
Fig Linens and Home
Indoor Plant Interior Design


Till next time, sweet friends – Cheers! All the best, Michelle

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