14 Ways to Get Into The Spirit!

Hey friends, Michelle here!

Welcome to segment eight of our fantastic Mood Boards Series! This segment is named ’14 Ways to Get Into The Spirit’. We at One Coast Design want to show you how to bring the traditional Holiday vibes into the scene with the beautiful blue and white tones + brass we love so much here! The first design trick I want to share is how to find the perfect art piece for your space to carry you through all the Holidays!

Below: Today we are showcasing my one-of-a-kind piece called Reflection Series No. 4. On our design board below, One Coast Design utilizes ‘Gold and Blue’ tones throughout the living space. Utilizing the blue pieces in this way, your eyes dance around the room taking in all the gold accents to bring the rich cool colors of Winter! Truly, yours is now a space that will never be forgotten as you ‘WOW’ your dinner guests! We pulled it all together for you – Seamless entertaining at your fingertips!

Click the links below to get the party started! ? Merry – Merry!

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  1. One Coast Design – ‘Reflections Series No. 4’ 
  2. Serena & Lily – Monaco Bar Cart
  3. Lumens – Quorra 41-Light Chandie
  4. Frank – Midnight Blue Glass Beads
  5. Frank – Indigo pillow LXII
  6. Frank – Light Vines Indigo – Lumbar Pillow
  7. Wisteria – Glass Funnel Beaker Lamp
  8. Wisteria – Velvet Chesterfield Sofa in Sage
  9. Kate and Laurel Tassey – Knit Ribbed Blanket with Tassels – 50×80 – White
  10. Clay Alder Home – Isabella Soft and Plush Moroccan Trellis Natural Shag Area Rug – 7’6 x 9’6
  11. Amazon – Ravenscroft Crystal Taylor Decanter Set
  12. William Sonoma – Marble and Brass Monogram Coaster
  13. The Lamp Stand – Heritage Wood & Metal Bar Tool Set with Stand – GG Collection
  14. Wisteria – Hollow Wood Ring Mirror – Gah!

A bit about ‘Reflections Series No. 4’

Michelle Woolley Sauter has been pursuing a splendid atmospheric thematic in her latest work by layering many thin glazes of paint over fresco on canvas and wood to enhance dimensional qualities.

In this continuing series of paintings, Michelle investigates undulation and shifting thresholds in environments and memories. Her technique includes accumulating layers of acrylic emulsion and brush dragging across a chosen substrate. This process allows for slick, waxy surfaces on which to apply the paint with brush, palette knife and rag.

By using additional layers of paint, her glazes and pigment are flooded with vehicle and applied between the layers of emulsion. Blended tones become suspended, enhancing atmospheric and dimensionally textural qualities.

In corporate and private collections.

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