Reflections of Coastal Chic…Where Dynamic Meets Atlantic

“Reflections of Coastal Chic”

Hey friends, Michelle here!

Welcome to segment two of our fantastic mood boards done by Liz, my Summer intern! This segment is named “Reflections of Coastal Chic…Where Dynamic Meets Atlantic”. One Coast Design wants to show you how to bring the Coast into your living space. The first design trick is to find the perfect art piece! Below: Michelle is showcasing a one-of-a-kind piece called “Reflections 11”. On our design board below, One Coast Design makes a play of colors to include blue, greens, whites, golds and a shot of bamboo! With a nod to Mid-Century, this subtle color play allows for a more punchy and dynamic coastal chic style.?

Reflections of Coastal Chic


A bit about ‘Reflections No. 11’

Michelle Woolley Sauter has been pursuing a splendid atmospheric thematic in her latest work by layering many thin glazes of paint over fresco on canvas and wood to enhance dimensional qualities.

In this continuing series of paintings, Michelle investigates undulation and shifting thresholds in environments and memories. Her technique includes accumulating layers of acrylic emulsion and brush dragging across her chosen substrate, here it’s done on wood. This process allows for slick, waxy surfaces on which to apply the paint with brush, palette knife and rag. Michelle is passionate about color and it sure shows up when she is creating pieces for this Series.

By using additional layers of paint, she glazes and uses pigments which are flooded with vehicle and applied between the layers of emulsion. Blended tones become suspended, enhancing atmospheric and dimensionally textural qualities. Each of these pieces take weeks to create.

In corporate and private collections.

Make it a pair! Order Reflections No. 11 as well as Reflections No. 12  and bring “Reflections of Coastal Chic” into your space!

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