3 Ways to Bring Your Spring Updates to The Next Level

Ah yes…it’s that time again! All the catalogues and magazines trot out all their new offerings for the season and, with so many great new trends floating around, you might feel a little overwhelmed with which direction to take in your ‘Quest to Refresh’!

Well, as your friend in the professional design world, I am here to help you focus and come in for a landing on some new directions you might like to investigate!

  • Now, I KNOW you already have some cute pieces that you still love dearly! Framed artwork, lamps, rugs and an occasional chair, etc. Favorites you’ve picked up on your travels and have managed to follow through a move or two? So, how about finding another sweet spot in your home to display them? Let’s try on a framed print that was previously in a Guest Bedroom…that can now find a new home in a Master Bath. It looks so GOOD in there, too, and it can allow for some coordinating colors in a bench and a handful of fluffy white guest towels to look completely updated! So don’t feel pieces have to stay where they’ve always been. Walk them around from room to room to see if it might not be time to give a new design direction or bent to a room that could certainly use a little re-imagining!

  • AND what if a spot that never had artwork before gets some new pieces and now the room actually looks Bigger and completely ‘on trend’! This Entry Foyer actually had a pair of lighting sconces on either side and no art! The introduction of these pairs of ‘Indigo Shells in Golden Bamboo’ right here on OneCoastDesign.com made the ceiling that was already tall feel spatially grander…and adding this artwork introduces an inviting and completely updated design statement to the space…and who can’t love some  ‘Blue & White’!

  • Knowing that you can rotate your collections, why not edit, edit, edit and put away some pieces that you are using for another update in the future and enjoy your space in a new way with FEWER things in it. It’s very refreshing and allows you to have a break from pieces you still love but don’t fit into your scheme right now. Shiny silver accents were hot just a little while ago, but now with brass /gold being really ‘in’, put those away and mix in some textural elements and pieces with matte metal finishes and wood elements that hug you back!

It’ll allow you to rediscover them the next go ’round because as I always say, if it’s a good design to begin with, but not ‘in’ right now…it’ll be back and you’ll be ready!

Till next time…


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