Easy! 3 steps to a grand ‘small’ dining room

The rolling hills of Greensboro, North Carolina are a sweet spot in the Tarheel State for a busy couple who wanted to have another home closer to their kids. This couple also has a home in Florida, so the love of all things coastal has been reimagined and translated into a sweet retreat up north where fire pits and drinks on the veranda are often enjoyed. These clients also didn’t bring a ‘stick of furniture’ with them so we started with a clean slate and the overall feel needed to be relaxing yet easy on the eyes.


One of the main design objectives discussed was a definite leaning wanted toward nature. These clients wanted to bring the outside in with a special love for the color green in all its forms and the wife is an ornithologist at heart, we needed to make sure all our bases were covered from including Limited Editions of local birds to the beloved custom framed Audubon prints.







Michelle is known for her original art created for Interior Design contracts that are hers and also those of fellow designers. Her Art Placement services are sought after as Michelle can usually interpret what a client is looking for after her first consultation with them.


Dining Room

The size of this table is just right for an intimate gathering of family and friends! And the table has a lazy susan in the center.



The client loves this area of the home for its traditional lines and fresh mix of layered neutrals and rustic wood. Another favorite piece in this room is the antique gold chain linked mirror flanked by a pair of beautiful lamps as it sets off this area of the Dining Area by reflecting light and brightening up the niche area.

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