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Michelle Woolley Sauter has been pursuing a splendid atmospheric thematic in her latest work by layering many thin glazes of paint over fresco on canvas and wood to enhance dimensional qualities. ‘I love to create artwork that evokes a ‘moment’…’ says Michelle. ‘I create artwork for particular settings. I am influenced by color and work with it employing a keen sensitivity with regards to how it relates to other objects int he space.’

In this continuing series of paintings, Michelle investigates undulation and shifting thresholds in environments and memories. Her technique includes accumulating layers of acrylic emulsion and brush dragging across a chosen substrate. This process allows for slick, waxy surfaces on which to apply the paint with brush, palette knife and rag.

By using additional layers of paint, her glazes and pigment are flooded with vehicle and applied between the layers of emulsion. Blended tones become suspended, enhancing atmospheric and dimensionally textural qualities.

In corporate and private collections.

wood, acrylic, lacquer

Size: 23 1/2″ x 23 1/2″

Weight: 2 lbs

bw_houzz_32x32Purchase on Houzz

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