Lauderdale by the Sea

This interior design project was overseen by One Coast Design’s,  Michelle Woolley Sauter, who was the lead Interior Designer with this project and her commissioned painting hangs here near the ‘real’ chandelier with candles that you have to light! This piece was found in an architectural salvage company located in Miami…and they don’t speak English, la verdad!

Booth residence
Michelle is an experienced interior designer as well as a professional artist. She enjoys working with clients and close friends like the Booths to create a beautiful interior for their home on the water.

‘The Booth’s were fantastic to work with. I actually did this condo the first time back in 1998. This is my second time working with this lovely couple…providing a breath of fresh air or ‘face-lift’ , if you will, in 2012 for their seaside home.’

~ Michelle

I’d love to paint their ‘pathway to the beach’ someday! Gorgeous!

Lauderdale by the Sea

Interior Design and Custom Artwork

Michelle Woolley Sauter is an artist and designer…with color being her specialty. Her works include customized paintings, tapestries, and mirrors in various traditional and contemporary styles.

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