Omega No. 1

Omega 1

As shown $2400*


While Michelle Woolley Sauter has been painting professionally for many years, she has just recently arrived at a new gateway in her journey as an artist and painter. While her work has always been about color and the architecture of painting and the relationships between colors, the delineations between those colors in an environment have always captivated her. Michelle’s hope is that through her work she will share with others what is being revealed to her personally as an artist.

I am amazed at what I have been told is a ‘combustible combination of translucency, strength, and sheer size’ Viewers of these pieces often do not know whether to stand back or get up close and touch it. But Michelle wants people to get close in order to see through all the layers that appear both tangible yet illusive at the same time. The transversal lines which delineate the sections of the color fields are meant to give the color its parameters but in no way restrict the sections from intermingling with one another. ‘As a matter of fact, where these colors intersect and juxtapose one another is where I believe the painting delivers up its messages. This is how each piece dances’ These effects are something I do not have to force; it comes naturally and it gives me great joy. I believe my work whispers something to each viewer, something just for them.

Original acrylic on canvas

Size: 30″ x 40″(shown)

*cost calculated by desired size

Weight: 2 lb (shown)

Lead Time: Originals require four to six weeks. Michelle creates unique originals suited to your decor and dimensional preferences. Please inquire below, and include any specific needs.


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