Bedroom Design and Mental Health: 9 of the Best Interior Designer Tips for Better Sleep

bedroom design and mental health

Will a better bedroom design improve my mental health and sleep hygiene?

The answer is yes, sweet friends! Even though it’s completely natural, the changing of the seasons is a perpetual theme in our lives, and for some, it brings a bit of anxiety. Sometimes my clients don’t realize how much their environment, especially their bedroom, affects their daily life and mental health. So I tell them, “I know you want to work on [insert room here], but can we see how you sleep first? Let’s look at your bedroom.”

Bedroom Design and Mental Health: 9 Designer-Approved Ideas

Your interior environment, where you live, sleep, recreate, and sometimes work, significantly impacts your overall health, whether you realize it or not. Let’s talk downtime. You spend one-third of your life in sleep mode. This is when your body recharges energy, refreshing and mending itself for the next day. If this step is interrupted by poor sleep patterns, you will not wake up refreshed.

1. Limit the Number of Screens

Electronics in the bedroom, such as phones, TVs, and computers, are major sleep deprivers! Scientists suggest you dim the lights and put away electronic devices for an hour or more before you sleep. That means no scrolling in bed! Knock the habit of falling asleep with the TV on, too… just a thought. 😉

coastal cozy bedroom
Photo Credit: One Coast Design

2. Remove Sources of Light Pollution

Speaking of screens… The glow of a TV, window treatments that do not filter out exterior light sources like street lights, light emitted from traffic, backyard lights that turn on when they sense motion, etc., can severely impact your ability to get a good night’s rest. We are happy to advise you on window treatments and light bulb choices to help in this department.

neutral bedroom design cozy features
Photo Credit: One Coast Design

3. Turn up the White Noise

Whether you’re trying to mask barking dogs or snoring family members, I suggest using white noise, as it is helpful for most. The even-toned hum of a small desk fan will do the trick. Or, you can take it a step further. Ocean or outdoor sounds will help calm your parasympathetic nervous system and give you a productive night of rest.

coastal bedroom design with bright blue.
Photo Credit: One Coast Design

4. Keep It Cool

We often try to steer away from ceiling fans. Did you know they can be dehydrating? Many couples have a big battle over the use of a ceiling fan. Someone might claim they will “die” if they don’t have a ceiling fan because they get so hot at night. That’s why I suggest a separate thermostat control for the bedroom! It’s a great way to keep energy bills at bay since you won’t be cooling down the whole house.

traditional bedroom design with cozy features.
Photo Credit: One Coast Design

Designer Tip: Why would you want a ceiling fan when you could hang a radiant light fixture above your bed instead? Read our blog on lighting for inspo!

5. Cozy up With Quality Bedding

We aim to design your bedroom to exceed any luxury hotel room you’ve experienced. We layer in every aspect of your bedding to ensure your bedding is of the utmost quality and catered directly to your preferences! Suitable sheets, the perfect bed, and fresh pillows make all the difference. Remember to change pillows every six months to a year to keep your space clean and allergen-free.

Cozy bedroom design
Photo Credit: One Coast Design

6. Calm Your Nervous System

In addition to ocean sounds, weighted blankets are another great way to ease your parasympathetic nervous system! I have specified many weighted blankets for my clients. The weight of the blanket sends a signal to your brain that you are held and safe, allowing your brain to release dopamine, calming and lulling you into a genuinely restful state, like magic.

Coburn Hutchinson House bedroom gold styling
Photo Credit: One Coast Design

Designer Tip: Sign up for a free copy of our Design Issue! You’ll find some of our favorite trends and products, such as this Bearaby Weighted Blanket!

7. Make It Pretty and Make It Yours

If you simply MUST have a ceiling fan (yes, back to that), I’ve got some pretty ones for you, so not to worry. We want your bedroom to feel like a restful oasis to which you can’t wait to return! We will work with you to decide on the finishing touches, such as a pair of gorgeous chairs, a chaise, or a bench to sit on as you dress in the morning. Each piece of furniture and decor is hand-selected with your taste and style in mind!

Contrasting color palette cozy bedroom design
Photo Credit: One Coast Design

8. Pick a Soothing Color Palette

Colors matter! Selecting a paint color or wallpaper is also essential, as it sets the tone for the entire space. We want to choose a color you look great in, so you’ll love it whenever you walk in or wake up! It sets the mood– and You, my sweet friend, are a mood!

Coburn Hutchinson House bedroom styling
Photo Credit: One Coast Design

9. Keep Functionality in Mind

As an interior designer, I always balance ideas with my clients regarding the concept of form and function. I can make a gorgeous room, set it up perfectly, and make it magazine ready. But suppose you have kiddos, pets, elderly family members living with you, or a family member that needs special assistance. I consider all that so you can enjoy these spaces to their fullest potential with your entire family. My design will be useless if it’s pretty but doesn’t “work!”

Seaside color palette cozy bedroom design
Photo Credit: One Coast Design

Designer Tip: Functionality is a design trend no matter the year. That said, we did include it in our list of design trends to look out for in 2023! Check it out.

Need Help Designing a Bedroom Oasis?

We would love to help show you the connection between bedroom design and mental health! You’ll be amazed by the profound impact such small details can have on your sleep and, in turn, your overall mood! Start with an initial consultation. Then, we’ll walk you through some critical next steps in your design journey. From there, you can take our advice and implement it yourself! Or, you can hire us to help you throughout the whole process. And be sure to follow us on Instagram here.