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Oh friends, do I have the bedroom decor bliss installment for you or what?!  Why yes, yes I do!  I don’t think it is any secret that I am ALL about some cozy and relaxing spaces.  What’s on the top of that list?  The bedroom, of course! After a long day of work, dinner prep, homework, after school activities and all the other thing we schedule for ourselves, it is such a treat to retreat to the bedroom to relax!  

Now first, let me tell you the golden rule.  You NEED a beautiful (and comfy) bed!  This one fits the bill.  Add an amazingly soft and luscious quilt you can’t go wrong!  Not ready for bed?  Relax in this cozy chair and read your favorite novel!  Of course, you’ll curl up with your book AND an amazing throw.  (Let’s be honest, it just sets the mood!)  With an amazing rug underfoot, you’ll store your beautiful pillows for the night and turn in.  After a restful night’s sleep, this nightstand is the perfect place to hold your cup of coffee while you flick on the lamp and get your day started! (Just make sure you don’t look into the mirror until after your coffee:-))

Do you have the chills that I do just thinking about it?  Yes?!  Great!  So run, don’t walk, and spruce up your bedroom so that you, too, can relax in ‘bedroom decor bliss!’  And if you would like to rethink your bedroom and need a little help, we would love to have Design Coffee with you sometime soon!

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