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Hi Friends!

Michelle Woolley Sauter here, and I am a Professional Artist and Interior Designer with an extensive background in art gallery management and artwork installation expertise. I am passionate about my work, and I have clients from all over who look to me for Art Consulting Services consisting of but not limited to, art acquisition, custom commissions, Interior Design consulting and art placement! 

I have great relationships with my clients, and I am so happy to share my knowledge and expertise regarding art and its place in your home and office. My clients enjoy the fact that I can provide in-home or virtual consultations for design, art acquisition, purchasing, and placement. 

Being both a painter and color expert, I am uniquely qualified to help you strike just the right balance of beauty and symmetry in your spaces and make a statement that you’ll be proud to share!

The selection of your artwork should never be an afterthought. As a matter of fact, as an Artist, Interior Designer, and master picture framer, I use the artwork that my clients and I select many times as the focal point of a room.  It frequently becomes our palette for the color scheme of the entire space. 

Maximizing the art placement so that your whole room is visually pulled together literally means that wall art is what will matter the most when it comes to choosing your color scheme. 

This art placement opportunity is key to your rooms coming together!

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“If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a well-curated space speaks volumes: about history, about culture, about the personalities that live there. In one fell swoop, you can communicate everything you need to say – and a handsome frame only adds to the allure.” Mario Lopez-Cordero

Choosing a color palette is very intimidating for most people… just look at the hundreds of thousands of color options available at your color paint store. It can make a person just start grabbing at colors that look appealing in the store, but when you go to ‘swatch’ which is the process of trying small amounts on the wall with a brush, all of a sudden the color looks ‘harsher’ and, well, less ‘romantic.’

Did you know that you should choose your wall color…last?

Yes, you read that correctly. I find the best strategy is to leave those paint chips behind and get the art and its placement along with your room layout going, that way you will have so many choices as far as wall color goes because your focal point is now steering the ship. You will find the colors you want to see on your walls will show up already in your choices for the artwork! Because you already love them and they are ‘your colors’…choosing wall paint will become very intuitive.

Based on your requirements, space, and personal taste, I will make suggestions on:

WHAT KIND OF ART… you (or we) should select in terms of size, color, style, and medium. It’s essential to have a harmonious mix of sizes and mediums, whether you like a lot of colors, a tone on tone look, large modern paintings, wall sculpture, or gallery walls full of traditionally framed original pictures. Deciding what the focal piece should be and its placement in the room will help us navigate the design and feel of the room, and this is but one of many reasons why art placement services are so important.

WHERE TO LOOK… for fantastic jumping-off points to help me help you discern what direction we should take when curating your walls so that they coordinate beautifully with your current furnishings and also the ones we will fold in as your design scheme evolves. Art placement is so vital for this reason.

WHERE TO PLACE ART… it’s essential to have different types of work pulled into groups.  Whether they are original works on canvas, 3-D wall art, mixed media pieces under glass or black and white photography framed, and layouts of art placement throughout your space, the grouping is vital! Some single large paintings, as well as groups of smaller paintings, should all be appropriately proportioned to the walls and hung at the correct height so that they are all ‘talking’ to each other.

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A great attribute of art consulting services I provide is assisting you in putting the artwork first! 

It helps you stay focused and equipped with the knowledge that you are not only adding texture to your walls with your art placement, but the addition and focus on your artwork will help the room to look ‘finished.’ Think of the last time you saw a space that didn’t feel finished. You probably subconsciously thought that it didn’t look like a professional had done it.

You and your chosen artwork are going to be together for quite a while, so whenever you look at it, you should feel good! When I work with you, I help you hone your look and keep your art placement from being the last piece in a puzzle…it should be a statement about your lifestyle!

Michelle is a master

"Michelle is a master at taking what you have and making it wonderful! She knows color so well, she was able to come into my home and help me not only select new colors for our walls but look through the artwork pieces we had already collected, reframing some, and adding new pieces that she created just for us to create a whole new look that is ours alone. She ended up rehanging everything and now we feel like we live in a magazine!"
- Susan Mills

I find that a two-hour art and interior design consultation is a great way to kick start my clients’ art placement projects.Making that first appointment, which is most important, paralyzes most clients. I listen to my clients for cues and clues so that from custom framing, design, color consulting, and best of all, to art placement.  A short consultation is a great solution to help my clients gain the confidence to get the ball rolling and embark on what becomes a beautiful journey into the fascinating world of art and design! So pick up the phone and let’s chat about where you might be stuck!

Note: For virtual appointments, Michelle and her assistants will need photos and dimensions prior to the appointment. Please contact us and we can provide a detailed list of the required information.

Available for residential, yacht, and commercial design projects