We Can’t Get Enough of These 2023 Interior Design Trends

coastal elements in 2023 design trends

We’re excited to begin discussing the best 2023 interior design trends! Can you believe the year is almost over, sweet friends? We can’t wait for all the exciting things the new year will bring! We’ve already had our eye on some of the hottest trends coming out of the gate. From natural textures and moody moments to upcycled decor and round edges, there are so many fabulous designs from which you can draw inspiration!

You Will LOVE These 13 Inspiring Interior Design Trends for 2023

“The details are not the details. They make the design.” – CHARLES EAMES

1. Organic Touches and Nature-Inspired Designs

Nature-inspired designs are good for the soul (we’ll discuss the importance of mental health and design later). This trend isn’t new, but fresh takes pop up in my Instagram feed more and more! We love to include abstract organic touches throughout a space.

A brass light fixture with dozens of carved porcelain lilies may do the trick. Or perhaps you’d prefer something more on the nose, such as a faux bois side table. Finally, don’t forget natural and organic textiles are your friend!

Designer Tip: If this is your vibe, you will love our Out on a Limb: Organic Touches mood board!

2. Moody and Dramatic Spaces

Is anything more eye-catching than a stormy paint color with pops of brass moments? Deep greens, blues, and even black can be so striking in a space. Of course, you might have to muster up a little courage to go for something so dark, but don’t be afraid to add some drama!

Brass light fixtures, mirrors, frames, and hardware add perfect contrast. If you’re nervous, add black decor throughout a light, neutral space to get the same moody feel.

The dark blue bathroom at our Coburn Hutchinson House is a great example of how to incorporate dark paint to create a moody and dramatic space. 

3. Functional Design

Michelle often says, “if you can’t use it, then it’s not good design.” Functionality should be at the top of your priority list regarding interior design. Our work resides in the intersection where style meets comfort.

A beautiful space doesn’t mean anything if you and your family can’t live in it functionally! That woven rug might be gorgeous, but you probably need something sturdier if you have dogs or small children.

4. Upcycling and Simplifying

We admit that the word “upcycled” might stir images of sloppy DIY projects. But, before you turn and run, hear us out. Sustainability never goes out of style. So whether you’re styling around a family heirloom or looking to repurpose a treasured consignment shop find, there are many ways to make something old feel new.

‘Modern is here to stay, but we will see much more of a push of modern mixed with traditional. We’re seeing more brown furniture, antiques, and classic items mixed in again, which I love! It is all about comfort, tradition, and the value of being home and much less about the show.’ -Michelle

If it’s got good bones, we could also reupholster your grandma’s vintage couch to give it a fabulous new fresh look!

5. Statement Lighting

Now on to one of our favorite topics: lighting fixtures! Woven basket pendants, big brass lanterns, and sputnik chandeliers, oh my! Sometimes all you need to set the mood is the perfect light fixture. Whether your style leans more modern or traditional, you’ll find that the right light can transform your living, dining, kitchen, or bedroom area. You can also layer various types of lighting to set the scene for different activities you perform in your home.

Designer Tip: Our chandelier lighting round-up mood board is a great place to start shopping for your dream lighting fixture!

6. Organization, Please!

Marie Kondo had her moment in the 2010s, and we’re so grateful she did. It’s so important, now more than ever, to incorporate efficient organization in a design. Who doesn’t want to spark a little more joy? Michelle’s background in yacht interior design adds an exciting dimension to curating storage solutions that look amazing!

Great organizational design helps you maximize your functional space (think clear kitchen countertops) and enables you to keep everything neat and in its designated space. Don’t underestimate how crucial this is for your peace of mind.

7. Ahead of the Curve

Don’t get us wrong. We love a crisp, sharp edge in modern spaces. But we are excited about all the curvy, rounded elements we have noticed in modern design! For example, this Merrick Swivel Chair is drool-worthy.

Curved edges add softness and coziness to a space. You can go all out with the curves in all your furnishings, or you can opt for a few rounded details here and there. Balance is key!

img?v=2 - Interior Design Charleston

8. Mental Health and Mindfulness in the Home

Your interior environment, where you live, sleep, recreate, and sometimes work, significantly impacts your overall health, whether you realize it or not. 

This is a greatly overlooked topic, but it does tie into other trends and themes we mentioned above, such as nature-inspired design, functionality, and organization. You might even want to consider prioritizing your bedroom (and quality of rest) first!

The intersection of mental health and design is extremely important to Michelle. We look forward to touching on this subject more in the future! 

9. Calming Color Palettes

Regarding mental health and design, it’s important to note that color and mood go hand in hand. A soft, soothing color palette can transform a drab and dreary space into a calming oasis. We like to reference nature with gentle blues or earthy tones to bring the natural beauty indoors. You can also balance warmth with bright natural light. We even like a dark, moody bedroom moment for deep relaxation. The options are endless!

Notice all the natural colors we brought into this space? The soft blues and greens in this coastal wallpaper promote a calming effect. Don’t you think? 

10. Elevated Modern Coastal

Bye-bye, kitschy beach house rental. Hello, modern coastal home. We are HUGE fans of elevated coastal design. Think clean linens, dreamy blue hues, and crisp, white, and woven touches. And you don’t have to live on the shoreline to enjoy this vibe. Instead, we bring the coast to you with tasteful elements that channel the watery vibes so near and dear to our hearts.

We’ve got you covered whether you’d prefer to keep it subtle and subdued or opt for a more direct approach. Our Smoke on the Water: Modern Coastal mood board will get you started.

11. Art Deco Revival

The Art Deco revival doesn’t have to be for you. But we’re not mad at it. This trend calls back to a century ago when all things glitz and glamour paired with form, function, and ingenuity. 

We see more mirrored elements, rich velvet fabrics, and angular motifs. You can also pay homage to the 1920s with contemporary light fixture designs. Think clean aerodynamic modern lines, etched glass, and fanned shapes.

We love brass and cream together as a color scheme. If you’re loving this vibe as much as we do, then you will LOVE Michelle’s Picks Holiday Mood Board! 

img?v=2 - Interior Design Charleston


12. Beautiful Built-Ins

You already know that we love a beautiful built-in. However, we’re finding that clients want to get more creative with their designs. In line with the rounded edges design trend, we’re seeing built-in arched designs take the lead. 

In addition, there are different ways to play with color by painting the backdrop a darker shade than the shelves. It’s a great way to make your styling decor pop!

13. Energetic Pops of Color

We’re always experimenting with adding energy and contrast to a space with pops of striking colors! It’s a great way to liven up a room and add touches of character that are truly unique to you. 

Of course, we love a neutral living room design, but we’re always happy to mix it up with a vibrant touch of color. 

As a professional artist, Michelle is a master of color theory. She is delighted to advise clients on their best options for their tasteful color palettes!

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