10 Ways to Freshen Up Right Now

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New year, new you?  I say New year, new decor!  And maybe an awesome meal in that newly zhushed Dining Room…(I like a good risotto if you were wondering what to make me;-))  I made my notes below…tell me if I’m right, sweet friends… 😉  All the items below are clickable, so… Let’s set the stage…First off

Interior Decor Larkin Host Chair
Ethan Allen – ‘Larkin’ Host Chair: Yessss…these classic beauties at the ends of the table…in a performance fabric, of course. These have the ability to be styled five ways to Friday! Fantastic!
Interior Decor Bendol Dining Chair
Ballard Designs: ‘Bendol’ Dining chair in ‘Eva Pink’…what a breath of fresh air this sweet thing is! Some inside/outside vibes right here!

Rustin Brown Table Dining Room Refresh

So, here’s the deal…in my opinion, it is ‘n e v e r’ a bad idea to get a rustic brown table as a base for a color palette like this one.  It sets all your colors off so beautifully and gives you the contrast and depth you need to have all your choices shine! Your place settings…silverware, glassware and fresh-cut flowers will allll POP!  You’re welcome 😉

Interior Decor Ivory Woven Jute Rug
Dash & Albert for Annie Selke ‘Gridwork’ Ivory Woven Jute Rug…this layer cannot be skipped. It’ll give your space the grounding element it needs and makes for the perfect stage for all your gorgeous decor!
Interior Decor Crystal Tumblers
Baccarat: crystal tumblers…water glasses…wine…does anyone even care what you put in them?! They. Are. Lovely!
baccarat cut crystal goblet glasses orange clear apricot
Again: I couldn’t help myself…I don’t say my taste is good, I just say it’s expensive. Your Grandma ‘gave’ you some of these glasses…well, then I’m jealous! Celebrating the ‘Grand-Millenial’ in You. And…Baccarat…why do you torture me?!
Interior Decor Ballard Designs: Jill Bar Cart
Ballard Designs: ‘Jill’ Bar Cart…I own this…Loooove it…it’s the perfect mixy metal and it goes with all the metals in my space!
tropical decor, One Coast Design, Michelle Woolley Sauter
One Coast Design: ‘Coral in Golden Bamboo III’ – Encrusted with Swarovski crystals…lots of ’em!!! I create each one of these by hand…just for you!
coral art, One Coast Design, Michelle Woolley Sauter
One Coast Design: ‘Coral in Golden Bamboo II’ – These are all created from my original drawings on hand-built paper! Encrusted with Swarovski crystals…lots of ’em!!!
Interior Decor Ballard Designs Sunburst Mirror
Ballard Designs: Suzanna Kasler Sunburst Mirror #4 – I love a Sunburst Mirror!! I must have 3+ of these in different sizes floating around here…
Corbett Lighting chandelier gold and silver
Hudson Valley Lighting:  Corbett Lighting – ‘Ambrosia’…I’m obsessed! It’s like a hanging party!!  The sprinkles on the cupcake!!  The earrings in your ears that set off your Fabulous outfit! …have I illuminated my point? 😉

Alright, there you have it…a little ‘light and bright’ with a big dose of cozy to kick off the Fabulous vibes 2020 is already bringing our way!

SO…how can I help YOU?  Interested in a 2-hour design consult?  Did you know I do those…a lot? Give me a call! I’d love to hear about what you’re working on!

Till next time, sweet friends!! Don’t forget to Follow me on Instagram: @onecoastdesign and Facebook, too! I hope you’re having a beautiful day!!